‘DWTS’ Pro Sasha Farber Reacts To Simone Biles’ Shocking Olympic Exit

Dancing With The Stars fans enjoyed watching Sasha Farber and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles compete back on Season 24. But what fans may not realize is that the two actually remained close friends after they finished in fourth place that year. In fact, Sasha even helped choreograph some of her competition routines.

All year long, Americans watched in anticipation as Simone prepped for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But Simone unexpectedly pulled out of the team competition due to mental health concerns. Although many fans are surprised at the move, most still support her. Sasha Farber is among them. The DWTS pro recently sat down with ET to discuss the Olympian.

Sasha Farber is completely behind Simone Biles

Plenty of Dancing With The Stars pros remain good friends with their partners. It’s clear that Sasha still firmly still believes in Simone, no matter what happens with the rest of the Olympics.

“I feel so much love for her. It was weird because I couldn’t believe it at first, but at the same time, I’ve never been to an Olympics, so I don’t know [what it’s like],” Sasha told ET. “The pressure must be out of this world. Not only that, she’s literally holding all of America on her shoulders.”

Sasha is no stranger to competition and having all eyes on him. He’s even struggled with injuries while on Dancing With The Stars. But the Olympics is a completely different ballgame.

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“For this 24-year-old to be in that position … she is a phenomenal gymnast, everyone knows. But it just proves that you don’t know what’s going on inside of the other person sometimes, no matter how strong they look,” the dancer continued. “So I really feel for her, but I know she’s going to get through this.”

Sasha goes on to say that he imagines competing this year must be especially hard — there aren’t any spectators allowed at the event due to the pandemic. Simone’s family comes to every competition and wasn’t able to attend this one. But even so, he says America is fully behind her and wishes her the best.

Simone Biles really wanted her former DWTS partner to help her compete

ET also reveals that Simone Biles immediately thought of Sasha Farber to help her “shake up” her routines this year.

“Usually, I have a different choreographer, but this year I felt like we needed to be a little bit different, spice it up,” Simone said during a Facebook watch session. “Whenever I worked with Sasha on Dancing With the Stars, we always said, ‘Oh my gosh, if we could do a floor routine, how cool would that be?'”

Sasha told ET he instantly said yes when Simone reached out for help. He added he always enjoyed working with Simone and described this experience as a “dream come true.” Fans enjoy knowing he still supports her so strongly after all this time.

Simone Biles didn’t compete in the team event, but there still may be hope for her individual routines. Stay tuned and keep watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for more.

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