‘Counting Cars’ Is Back With More Sin City Restorations, Alice Cooper!

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History Channel’s Counting Cars Is back with Season 10! The gang has returned to Count’s Kustoms. Danny “The Count” Koker is always looking for a cool car. He has a wad of cash and he is always ready to wheel and deal.

What do we know about Counting Cars Season 10?

Counting Cars Is Back On History

Counting Cars is starting on August 25 on the History Channel. This is a show about classic cars, hotrods, choppers, and exotic cars. Everyone knows Danny “The Count” Koker. He is the rocker with cool friends, who happens to fix cars. Launched in 2012, this show is now an amazing Season 10!

The show is filmed in Las Vegas. Each episode shows Danny on the lookout for cool vintage cars from everyday people. Once he spots a beauty, he negotiates a good price. Next, his team works on restoring each vehicle into something special.

Sometimes they have a buyer for the vehicle. But, oftentimes, Danny adds the cool restoration to his personal collection. Fans know that is quite the collection. He loves restored vintage cars. However, that does not necessarily keep the shop in the black. They need to sell their cars for a profit and to customers.

Why does it take so long to get new seasons? Because this is a reality show, everything is done in real-time. That means it takes time to find cars, get parts and take care of the repairs. Each vehicle takes a certain amount of special effort.

When Does Counting Cars Return?

According to the shop’s Instagram page, Counting Cars Season 10 premieres on Wednesday, August 25, at 10 p.m. Eastern, on the History Channel. Moreover, a preview video shows some of the cool cars being fixed up. Rock star extraordinaire Alice Cooper may be buying one of those cars!

Yes, the classic shock rocker is at the Vegas shop, checking out a vintage Corvette Stingray!

Danny Koker Is Rock Star Of Cars

Fans are waiting for a new season of Counting Cars promises more amazing cars, Alice Cooper. and some brilliant reveals. Most of all, fans tune in for the charismatic Danny Koker. It may be that Koker is a kool-kat. Perhaps his bandana and dark glasses remind fans that he is a rock star.

The reality star and entrepreneur is a singer and performs at his own Las Vegas bar, Count’s Vamp’d Bar and Grill. He also owns a recording studio and a tattoo parlor. However, Danny’s love of music and cars are influenced by his dad.

According to Hot Cars, Danny’s dad, Danny Koker Sr., was a singer. He was the singer for Cathedral Quartet, as well as Foggy River Boys, Weatherford Quartet, The Rex Humbard Family Singers, and Koker Family Singers.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Counting Cars, on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 p.m. Eastern, on the History Channel.

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