Lifetime Announces ‘Switched Before Birth,’ Directed By Elisabeth Rohm

Lifetime, Switched Before Birth-

Lifetime has announced a new movie, based on real-life couples trying IVF, in vitro fertilization. However, because this is Lifetime, there is a mixup with serious consequences!

The movie is entitled Switched Before Birth. This stars Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens, The Gifted), Justina Machado (One Day At A Time, Superstore), Yancey Arias (Bosch, Kingpin), and Bo Yokely (Wedding Belle, Christmas A The Grey Horse Inn).

Moreover, this is a movie that is very personal to the director. Here are all of the details.

What Is Lifetime’s Switched Before Birth About?

According to the Lifetime press release, Switched Before Birth tells the story of Olivia Crawford (Samuels) and her husband Brian (Yokely). The couple wants a baby. However, this has not been an easy road. First, there are multiple miscarriages. In addition, they have tried IVF a few times.

Unfortunately, this has taken quite a toll on their finances. Meanwhile, Olivia meets Anna Ramirez (Machado), as both go through their IVF journey. Anna is a successful restauranteur. However, she wants more. She wants to become a mother. But, she is unable to have a baby.

Finally, Olivia and Brian get good news. Olivia is finally pregnant. Better yet, Anna also becomes pregnant. Now the new friends both have something to celebrate. Yet, things are not perfect. Unfortunately, Anna loses her baby. Worse yet, her marriage to Gabe Ramirez (Arias) has now fallen apart. These two results could not be more different.

Although Olivia is sad for her new friend, she and Brian are pretty ecstatic. She gives birth to the twins, and now Olivia feels her life is complete. But, unfortunately, this is just the beginning of some extreme drama.

It turns out that one of the two babies is biologically Anna and Gabe’s. The lab made a mistake and implanted into Olivia. Olivia feels she carried this child and the son she gave birth to is hers. However, Anna will “stop at nothing” to bring her baby boy home!

Very Personal Story For Elisabeth Rohm

Lifetime’s Switched Before Birth is more than another movie for director Elisabeth Röhm is directing this movie. This is personal. Earlier this week, People recounted Röhm’s IVF journey in blogs for the publication.

Writing in 2011, she shared her fertility experience that eventually led to the birth of her now 13-year-old daughter, Easton August. Röhm wrote, “I thank God every day for the medical advancements that allowed me the choice to be the mother I had dreamt of being. Every family that has a child is blessed and every woman or man who deeply and lovingly wants to parent should have the right to do so.”

Don’t forget to catch her successful directorial debut with Girl in The Basement. Lifetime continues to regularly air this terrifying movie, based on real-life events.

When Will Lifetime’s Switched Before Birth Premiere?

Thanks to social media, fans can already get an idea of when this movie will premiere. Elisabeth Röhm wrote on Instagram, “Hi guys! Coming Soon to @lifetimetv … Can’t wait for you to see Switched Before Birth starring @JustinaMachado and @SkylerSamuels this fall! I personally endured an IVF journey and I’m so grateful to share this topic with you in what I hope will be well-received @lifetimetv Coming out in October!”

The is a great nugget. Switched Before Birth will air sometime in October, on the Lifetime Channel. Because #ItsAWonderfulLifetime Christmas movies generally start in late October, it is likely that this movie will air earlier in the month.

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