Lauren Burnham Battling Intense Breast Issue While Caring For Twins

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New mom Lauren Burnham Luyendyk is having some major issues following the birth of twins. She and her husband Arie Luyendyk Jr. welcomed twins Senna and Lux just a month ago. Now, Lauren is enduring some rough times as she’s also trying to care for her new babies and their toddler, Alessi. What is going on with Lauren?

Lauren Burnham suffering from intense breast issue

Lauren went to Instagram yesterday to share she wasn’t feeling well. She said she has mastitis. Today, Arie went to Instagram Stories to share that he’s been on daddy duty since Lauren is under the weather. He showed a short video of him with one of the babies. Arie captioned it saying, “Really tough last few days. Lauren is struggling with mastitis, I was up all weekend with the babies. Surviving over here haha.”

Lauren has been doing her best to breastfeed both babies since their birth. She said before they were born she had an idea in her head how it would work. At the time she said, “I’ll wake up and feed one. After that, I’ll just hand that baby off to Arie who can change them and get them back to sleep. And then I’ll feed the other one. … I’m not really sure how that’s going to go.”

Lauren went on to say, “I’ve heard twins are especially difficult because you’re not sleeping as much as with a newborn. One will wake up and want to eat, and then they’ll wake the other one up and they’ll want to eat at the same time. I just see that going downhill really fast.”

What is mastitis?

According to WebMD, Mastitis is an infection of the breast tissue. While lactating, which Lauren is, it is called lactation or puerperal mastitis. It is caused by the backup of milk in the milk duct. It can make a mom feel like she has the flu, which is not good when caring for a newborn. Symptoms include achiness, chills, and a fever of 101 F or higher.

Mastitis causes the breast to become inflamed. “With mastitis, the infected milk duct causes the breast to swell.” Breasts may look red and feel tender or warm.

Antibiotics and pain relievers are often used to treat mastitis. Plus continuing to breastfeed can also help clear the infection.

Hopefully, Lauren gets to feeling better soon. In the meantime, hats off to Arie for stepping in to help Lauren out as much as he can.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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