Ben & Jessa Seewald Reveal Baby Number Four’s Gender & Name

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As we reported, Ben and Jessa Seewald have welcomed their fourth child to the world. On Monday, they shared the first part of their birth story, but they kept many of the details to themselves. In the video, they didn’t reveal the baby’s gender or name. So, fans were waiting for the next part of the birth story to find out more details.

On Tuesday, the couple uploaded the second video to their YouTube channel. It picks up where the first part left off with Jessa and Ben arriving at the hospital. It sounds like Michelle Duggar, Jessa’s mom, is recording the video and is a part of the birth team. The second video includes footage of Jessa in labor at the hospital, getting an epidural, and giving birth to her fourth baby.

The baby joins Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, 2. This is Jessa and Ben’s rainbow baby since they previously had a miscarriage.

In the video, the couple reveals the details that fans have been waiting to hear. They introduce their new baby to the world and share the name and gender too.

Jessa Seewald IG
Jessa Seewald Instagram

What is Ben & Jessa Seewald’s baby’s name and gender?

In the video, Ben and Jessa introduce the baby to their other children via FaceTime. As they show the kids the baby, they reveal that it’s a girl, and her name is Fern Elliana.

At the end of the video, Jessa teases that another part of the birth story is coming soon. The video cuts off right before the kids get to meet their new sibling at the hospital, so the next video should feature that special moment. Jessa doesn’t share when she will upload the next part of the video and whether it will be the last segment. Her first two videos were uploaded 18 hours apart, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to catch the next part.

On Instagram, Jessa shared a screenshot from her video and wrote, “Labor & delivery, and announcing to the kids baby’s gender and name!” She directs fans to her YouTube channel where they can watch the second part of her birth story.

Jessa Seewald Instagram

So, what do you think of the baby’s name? Did you expect Ben and Jessa Seewald to have a boy or a girl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

For more news about the Duggar family, check back with TV Shows AceYou Can watch the second part of the birth video here.

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