Jessa Seewald Might Be In Labor With Baby Number Four: See Photos

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Counting On stars Ben and Jessa Seewald are expecting their fourth baby, and the baby’s due date could be right around the corner. Fans are impatiently waiting for an update from Ben and Jessa, as the baby should arrive very soon.

When Jessa and Ben announced their pregnancy, they revealed that the baby would be born in the summer. They never shared a specific due date, but Jessa has shared that she’s in her third trimester now. Throughout her pregnancy, Jessa has shared a handful of updates with her social media followers. In a YouTube video, she revealed that she will be giving birth in a hospital instead of at home. So far, Jessa has had three home births, so this is a shock to fans.

Now, it looks like there’s a chance that Jessa is already in labor.

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See the photos hinting that Jessa Seewald is in labor.

It looks like baby Seewald number four could arrive very soon. In a social media post, Ben’s sister Michelle revealed that she and her mom, Guinn Seewald, are at Ben and Jessa’s home. In Michelle’s Instagram stories, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy are enjoying some pizza with their aunt and grandma.

It’s possible that Guinn and Michelle are hanging out with Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy for another reason. Maybe Ben and Jessa went out on a date or had some things to finish up around the house before the baby arrives. Guinn and Michelle could be around to help out during this busy time.

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Over on Reddit, Duggar Snarks discussed the story posts and mentioned that it looks like Jessa might be in labor. One user writes, “It makes sense, as Ben’s mother tends to only come into their neck of the woods when Jessa has had the baby.” Someone else adds, “Omg it has to be. Looks like this means hospital birth!”

Another Reddit user writes, “I think she’s either in labor or her and Ben are doing a babymoon. But if she’s due anytime now it’s probs labor.”

Based on Michelle’s new posts, it may not be long before fans get to “meet” the newest Duggar.

So, do you think this means Jessa Seewald is in labor? Or do you think the family was hanging out at their home for another reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations on the new baby. It was great that your mom filmed the birth. I do hope that you will keep us all up date with the kids and the new baby. I love to watch you all. I hope that another TV station will take you have you there station so we can keep up with you all. Love you all

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