Wait, Is Abbie Duggar Pregnant? See New Photo With ’12 Weeks’ Sign

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Could Abbie Duggar be expecting her second child? The former Counting On star proudly showed off a sign that includes the words, “12 weeks out!” The photo also features John and their one-year-old daughter, Gracie.

We previously reported that it seemed possible that John and Abbie were done having kids. On social media, Abbie promoted her Poshmark shop, which is a place where she can sell used clothing. Noticeably, she was selling a lot of baby items, which could be used for her future children. But as it turns out, she’s selling clothes of all sizes, so she may be buying clothes at a discount and reselling them to make a profit.

A fan account reposted the photo on social media, and some of the family’s followers thought this was a hint that Abbie is expecting a baby.

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One fan writes, “What does that mean is she pregnant again?” Someone else says, “I think she is 28 wks preg.” This would explain why the sign reads, “12 weeks out,” because she would be approximately 12 weeks away from her due date. 

Other fans chime in, pointing out their confusion with the sign. One writes, “The sign is confusing. Twelve weeks to what? I’m guessing a pregnancy announcement maybe.”

Why is Abbie Duggar posing with the 12 weeks sign?

The photo was originally posted on the ALERT Family Camp Instagram page. Per the Instagram account’s bio, ALERT Family Camp is “Bringing families together for an awesome week of fellowship, fun, and powerful Christ-centered messages!” In the past, the Duggars have talked about this camp and have been a part of it.

The caption of the post reads, “We’re only 12 weeks from Family Camp, folks! Let the countdown begin!!” So, it looks like John and Abbie are just promoting the camp and getting excited about its start in a few months.

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So, we don’t know whether John and Abbie are expecting their second child. They didn’t announce it with this post, but she still could be expecting. It’s possible that John and Abbie will wait to have another baby due to her rough pregnancy with Gracie.

So, do you think John and Abbie Duggar will have another baby soon? Or do you think they will enjoy more time with Gracie before adding to their family? Let us know in the comments below.

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