‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Dimitri Snowden Erases Life With Ashley

Credit: Dimitri Snowden Facebook

Dimitri Snowden has officially erased his life with “wife” Ashley. The Seeking Sister Wife cast member completely deleted all his posts from his Instagram account. This occurred mere hours after Ashley took to the same social media forum to announce she is single. Rumors have been swirling for some time now that the couple had split. Additionally, it had been alleged Dimitri was both homeless and broke. A lot has transpired over the past few months between the couple. It is no wonder they crashed and burned.

Seeking Sister Wife Drama

Credit: Dimitri Snowden Facebook
Credit: Dimitri Snowden Facebook

Ashley and Dimitri seemed to get along and have a deep spiritual connection. Unfortunately, he broke the rules of their relationship in Season 1 of the series. While courting a potential sister wife, he was intimate with her without his wife’s consent. When they returned for Season 2, there were far more boundaries. During the courtship with Vanessa Cobbs, both Ashley and Dimitri were very involved. He could not be intimate with her until she completed a 21-day alkaline diet.

Ashley was present for the proposal and the wedding was a unification of the family. Sadly, the marriage did not work out. It took time for the couple to recover but they were back for the next season, courting now two women. It did not work with one but it did with Christeline Petersen of South Africa. She legally wed Dimitri in the season finale to stay in America. Their union was overshadowed by domestic abuse allegations from Chrissy while the season was airing.

This put a dark cloud over the Snowdens as more women and friends came out against them. Ashley seemingly tried to stay strong. She claimed she would tell her story when the time was right. Furthermore, she said she had no need to defend herself. Ashley began branching out on her own and finally confirmed her marriage was over.

Dimitri’s Deletion

This is not the first time Dimitri has deleted his social media. Right before the abuse allegations came out, Dimitri deleted all of his social media. He then returned to share he had mental health issues he wanted to address. The previous time, he completely deleted his account. This time, he has only deleted all of his Instagram photos and posts.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Dimitri Snowden Instagram
Credit: Dimitri Snowden Instagram

He may have simply archived them. If you have followed him, you may have seen posts of him working out, his children, Ashley, etc. Dimitri had not been active as of late but very active in the past. As for his Twitter account, he has not tweeted since April. This coincides with the abuse allegations. However, the restraining order was dropped and the series continued with him and his family.

Are you surprised he and Ashley split? What kind of content would you like to see from the Seeking Sister Wife star or do you simply not care? Let us know in the comments.

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