‘Unexpected’ Fans Label Ethan Ybarra A ‘Deadbeat Dad’ – Why?

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TLC’s Unexpected follows teens as they navigate surprise pregnancies. During Season 4, Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra were a fan-favorite couple. Viewers thought they would beat the statistics surrounding teen parents. Unfortunately, their relationship was over as the season was coming to a close. The split was cordial at first, but in recent weeks, things have gotten nastier between the former couple. Now fans are accusing Ethan Ybarra of being a deadbeat dad. Is he? 

Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra Split Amid Shocking Allegations 

Around the time Unexpected Season 4 was ending with a Tell All special, Ethan and Myrka broke up. They confirmed the rumors of a split, but denied some of the other rumors. Apparently, there were rumors of cheating and domestic violence. Both Ethan and Mykra denied either cheating or DV played a role in the split. They vowed to co-parent their daughter, Attalie. 

Fast-forward a month later and things are not so rosy. The domestic violence allegations have resurfaced again. Furthermore, girls kept sending Myrka ‘proof’ that Ethan was blowing up their DMs during his relationship with Myrka. 

Ethan recently shared photos of his rumored new girlfriend on his Instagram. Where is Attalie land in all of this? 

Reunite For Daughter’s 1st Birthday

The timing of their split could not be worse. Ethan and Myrka’s daughter turned one year old in June. Myrka planned the party and invited her ex, even though they had split at that point. 

She also invited Ethan’s family, but they reportedly didn’t show up. Ethan, on the other hand, surprised Myrka by attending the party. Fans were hopeful that the former couple could work out a co-parenting relationship for Attalie. 

Fans Call Ethan Ybarra a Deadbeat Dad After He Splurges On Sports Car 

Sadly, it seems that Ethan hasn’t seen his daughter since her birthday party. He claimed to be working too much to visit her, and some other excuses. However, he recently posted on his Instagram about a new sports car he bought. In fact, he posts almost daily about the car. 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

And fans are extremely disappointed. Fan account @tlc.unexpectedteaa shared screen grabs of Ethan getting a new car. Viewers of the show took to the comment section to lambast him for caring more about his car than his daughter. In fact, several labeled him a “deadbeat dad.” Are they right?

  • kattcele That video is so cringe 😂😂 He’s more proud of the car than his damn child
  • yezitzme13 Typical dead beat behavior🤦🏾‍♀️
  • jesicafschmidt “i’m trying to make money to provide for my daughter” …. buys a car instead
  • desi_reea98 Damn if only he posted his daughter the way he posts his car 🥱
  • brooke.buchanan_ I was really rooting for him too, I thought he was gonna be a great dad
  • z_o_e__j_a_d_e To think I thought he was one of the rare dads who would do their duties

Myrka Cantu Does What She’s Gotta Do For Money 

According to Myrka Cantu, Attalie is with her 24/7 and Ethan never visits. But he surely supports his daughter if he can afford a sports car, right? Well, according to Myrka, she hasn’t seen a cent in child support. 

The fan account often shares clips of Myrka’s TikTok videos. One follower left a comment saying Myrka needs to make better TikTok content. However, Myrka’s clap back revealed just how fractured her relationship is with Ethan. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/@tlc.unexpectedteaa/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/@tlc.unexpectedteaa/Instagram

She retorted that silly TikTok videos get the most views and therefore, the most money. And she needs the money because Ethan doesn’t send her any for Attalie. Ethan didn’t respond to the allegations that he’s a deadbeat dad. 

Myrka Cantu has spoken out many times about never returning to the TLC show. A new leaked cast list confirms that she won’t be returning. Click here to find out who will appear on Season 5 of Unexpected.

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