‘Sister Wives’: WOW! Maddie Brush Makes HUGE Purchase

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Maddie and Caleb Brush have made a huge purchase! The Sister Wives kids have officially set down roots in North Carolina. Yesterday, they announced they bought a home in the state they’ve been living in since 2019. Luckily, they could not be more excited.

Making The Big North Carolina Move From Sister Wives Fam

Credit: Maddie Brush IG
Credit: Maddie Brush IG

When Caleb and Maddie got married in 2016, they stayed close to their family in Las Vegas. At the time, the wives had four homes a cul-de-sac. It made access to one another extremely easy. Life was made even better when Maddie announced she was pregnant with the first grandchild the following year. This made her mother, Janelle excited to be close to her grandbaby.

The birth of Maddie’s baby boy, Axel was documented in the series. All the wives and Kody were over the moon. However, sister wife Meri felt slighted when she was not immediately phoned to be there. This caused drama and some additional turmoil that was already underlying. The Brown was about to start talking about another big issue. Patriarch Kody was ready to make the move away from Las Vegas. The new destination was Flagstaff, Arizona.

Around the time they were preparing their Vegas exit, Maddie announced she was expecting again. It was very hard for Janelle to leave her grandbaby behind. Then, Maddie dropped a bomb. She and her expanding family were headed to North Carolina. Caleb was offered a new job that required them to move. This would be a shock to the family dynamic with all that was going on but somehow, they were confident they would make it work.

Loving North Carolina

Viewers got to meet Maddie’s second baby, Evie K. when the Brush’s came to Flagstaff at the beginning of Season 15.  At the beginning of COVID, Christine and her girls were stranded in NC due to flying restrictions. Maddie has managed to make it home. She has gone to school and sells Plexus. Janelle even jumped aboard the Plexus train with her daughter. She is also known for her incredibly photogenic toddlers.

Credit: Maddie Brush Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brush Instagram

Now, all of her and Caleb’s hard work has paid off. The couple “said yes to the address” in a sweet post holding their children. Posing in front of their new home, they shared the happy news on Instagram. They also announced they are officially setting down roots in North Carolina and followers were thrilled. One commented: “What a gorgeous house! Congrats!”

Another chimed in: “Congratulations! Such a gorgeous house that you and your family will make a home! Many blessings!” It will be great to see the wives visiting the home and helping to set up. Wonder if Janelle will take her RV up there now that she is staying on the Coyote Pass property.

Would you like to see them on Sister Wives if it comes back for another season? Let us know in the comments below!

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