Jessa Duggar Proves She Doesn’t Need Money From TLC Anymore

Jessa Duggar, Counting On YouTube

As we’ve reported, TLC officially canceled Counting On following the arrest of Josh Duggar. Now, the family will have to find new ways to make money and pay the bills. Some of them have already started figuring things out. Jessa Duggar Seewald is in the process of creating a successful YouTube career.

She and some of her sisters also have influencer deals with brands. Companies will send them products to promote in exchange for a commission, a flat rate, or more free products. While Jessa still does this here and there, she seems to be focusing more on YouTube now.

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Jessa Duggar’s YouTube career taking off?

Since the cancelation of Counting On, Jessa has been ramping up her content on YouTube. She has uploaded three videos in the past week when she would typically post more randomly before. It’s possible that she’s hoping to bring in more money from views on her YouTube channel to help pay the bills without the help of TLC.

One of her recent videos is a 4th of July vlog with the kids. Another upload features the ways she’s encouraging her three young kids to “come to know and love God.”

So far, her recent videos haven’t gotten a lot of views in comparison to her other uploads. But it’s possible not many people have seen them yet. They could accumulate more views over time. As more people watch her videos and the ads in them, she can make more money.

Critics think her channel may need some work

While Jessa is attempting to upload more videos and get more attention on YouTube, Duggar family critics aren’t sure if this is a good direction for her to go. They aren’t too impressed so far, and they think she needs to change the way she makes videos.

Over on Reddit, Duggar Snarks are discussing her latest videos. One user writes, “the only thing carrying her youtube vids are her kids. jessa’s monotone voice and dull personality won’t help her if she’s trying to do a family based channel imo. she doesn’t even seem interested in whatever she’s doing it’s as if she’s forced to do these videos (which she kind of is cause she has no other choice)”

So, do you think Jessa Duggar’s YouTube career will take off? Or do you think her channel needs some work? Let us know in the comments below.

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