‘You, Me, And My Ex’: Jessica Puts Queen Kayee In Her Place – See Exciting Preview

You Me and My Ex Credit: TLC

TLC’s hit new reality series You, Me, And My Ex definitely does not lack drama. How can anyone co-exist peacefully with their ex and their ex’s new partner? Some couples have made it look easy. However, Jessica, Jerry, and his girlfriend, Kayee, are quite the exception. In this week’s episode, tensions continue to run high between ex-wife Jessica and Kayee. Sadly, it does not look like a resolution is on the horizon.

You, Me, And My Ex – The Jessica and Kayee Battle

Jessica was married to Jerry for fifteen years. They also have four children together. Additionally, she was his caretaker when he fell ill prior to COVID. Therefore, she has some right to feel territorial. Enter Kayee, a singer. She and Jerry met at an airport right before he got sick and the pandemic hit. He saw her when she was working at a sunglasses stand. Kay thought he looked dapper. So, she agreed to a date.

You Me and My Ex Credit: Kayee Lovey Instagram
Credit: Kayee Lovey Instagram

It was not a standard date but quite lavish. He took her to a pro basketball game and a fancy dinner. Sadly, With COVID and him being immunocompromised, Jerry was forced to isolate himself. By then, Jessica had decided to move in. She wanted to make sure he was okay. Yet, he still wanted to see what could happen with Kayee. They had been internet dating but it was not enough. He decided to invite her to move in with his unconventional family.

Jessica does not care for Kayee. She believes she does not care about the family as a whole. Kayee is not thrilled her boyfriend’s ex is living with him. “The truth of the honest of the matter of the fact is I was pissed and enraged,” she shared on the series premiere. She also learned her sleeping quarters were a closet so add insult to injury. Now, it looks like things just are not getting better.

Jessica Is Not Kayee’s Maid

Extra shared a preview for tomorrow’s episode and tensions continue to boil between Jessica and Kay. Jessica goes to talk to Jerry and Kay about making breakfast. She’s essentially saying what she will be making for the kids. Kay jumps in and places her breakfast order. As she is dressed in silk pajamas and a silk eye mask, Jessica seems taken aback. She is not her ex-husband’s girlfriend’s maid.

Jessica lets Kayee know she is welcome to anything in the kitchen and can cook for herself. At the same time, Kay gets an alert. She has important business to tend to. It is quite clear these two women have very little time for one another. Jerry should offer to make Kay breakfast since she cannot sleep in his bed.

Can they reconcile and be one happy family? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t miss You, Me, and My Ex Sundays at 10 pm only on TLC.


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