Wait, What?! ‘RHOBH’ Newbie Kathy Hilton Once Ran From The Cops?

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Kathy Hilton is quickly becoming a fan favorite among Bravo viewers. The wife of the Hilton hotel magnate joined Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Though she only has a ‘Friend of’ role, she is making a huge impression with fans. Did Kathy Hilton really once run from the cops??

Kyle Explains to Kathy What ‘Stan’ Means 

Admittedly, many fans were hesitant when the news broke a few months ago that another of Kyle’s sisters was joining the cast. Her other sister, Kim Richards, stirred up trouble on the show before ultimately leaving amid a struggle with alcoholism. Kathy Hilton did make the occasional appearance on RHOBH over the years, but mainly in the background of party scenes. 

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But her dry wit and quirks quickly endeared Kathy to viewers. During the getaway to Lake Tahoe, she popped up in Kyle’s room in the middle of the night, noshing on potato chips and downing Red Bull. The fact that she thought Red Bull was a regular soft drink could have caused fans to hate how out of touch she is. But surprisingly, it only made them love her more. 

Immediately after her RHOBH debut, many fan accounts on social media dubbed themselves as “Kathy Hilton stan accounts.” But Kathy Hilton has no idea what that means. 

She went to her sister Kyle for an explanation. Fan account @queensofbravo shared the exchange between Kathy and Kyle where Kyle explains what a stan is. 

If you don’t know, the term stems from Eminem’s 2000 song called “Stan.” The song tells the tale of Stanley “Stan” Mitchel, a fictional fan of the rapper. In the song, the fan eventually takes a dark turn into a stalker after being ignored by their idol. 

In more recent years, the term “stan” has come to simply mean being a big fan of someone or something. 

RHOBH Stars Appear on WWHL, Dish on Erika Jayne Divorce

Along with fellow RHOBH newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kathy Hilton was a guest on WWHL this week. With the pandemic finally subsiding, the two were in the studio with host Andy Cohen instead of appearing virtually. It led to some funny antics, including playing “shotski,” taking shots from an actual ski. 


But Crystal and Kathy also fielded questions from Andy Cohen about co-star Erika Jayne’s divorce. As People reports, they were asked if they believe Erika Jayne’s story about how her divorce went down. 

A new lawsuit alleges that Erika Jayne’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, skimmed from the settlement money in several legal cases. The question on everyone’s mind is how much did Erika know, and when? Some speculate that her divorce is a sham to keep herself out of her husband’s legal issues. 

However, both Kathy and Crystal said that they do believe Erika’s divorce is genuine. Kyle Richards was in the audience, cheering her sister on. Host Andy Cohen directed a question to Kyle about the situation. 

Viewers have been calling Lisa Rinna and the other RHOBH ladies “hypocrites” for not demanding the truth from Erika like they did to Denise Richards. During Season 10, Denise faced allegations of having an affair with alum Brandi Glanville. She denied it several times and then outright refused to discuss it on camera. 

Kyle Richards defended Lisa Rinna and the other women’s reaction to the divorce news. She denied any hypocrisy, noting that they still “don’t know everything” about Erika’s divorce. 

Wait, Did Kathy Hilton Once Run From the Cops?! 

In another segment of the show, Kathy Hilton played a game called “Kathy Spillton.” Andy Cohen recruited Kyle to ask her sister about various scenarios that may or may not be true. Kathy would then stare directly into the camera as Andy and Crystal guessed if the stories were true or false. 

As viewers of the show know, Kathy Hilton isn’t the best liar. During a game of “Two  Lies and a Truth,” all three of her statements were true. But she did a better job on WWHL. 

One of the scenarios Kyle described involved Kathy Hilton getting pulled over by the cops, but not sticking around for the ticket. Did Kathy Hilton gun it when the police officer walked back to his car to get the paperwork? 

Shockingly, yes! She further revealed that her sisters Kim and Kyle were in the car at the time! 

Other shocking revelations include a parking garage hookup with her husband, Rick Hilton. 

Are you among the RHOBH viewers who ‘stan’ the new cast member of the show? Does it surprise you that Kathy Hilton once ran from the cops? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Tune in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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