‘Bachelorette’ Fans Asked, We Answer: What Does ‘Sex-Positive’ Mean?

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Katie Thurston showed up at the Bachelor mansion with a gift of her vibrator for Matt James. So, it’s no surprise that her turn as The Bachelorette has a heavy focus on sex and sex-positivity. Sex what now? Many viewers of the dating show are confused as to what “sex-positive” actually means. And no, it’s not just the older generation that’s clueless. 

So, what does it mean and how does it relate to The Bachelorette? 

The Bachelorette Promises Most Sex-Positive Season Yet

Surprisingly, ABC leaned into the vibrator thing and used it to promo Katie Thurston as the lead. The tagline for the season premiere was “see what all the buzz is about.” Some fans took offense to the hyper-focus on what happens in the bedroom. But any longtime Bachelor Nation viewers know that’s nothing new for the franchise. 

But it is the first time they openly admit it. 

Sexy dates are a must for the dating competition. Season 16 of The Bachelorette had men play dodgeball naked for Clare Crawley. The latest episode of Katie Thurston’s season featured her suitors mud wrestling for her affection. 

Yes, the network is playing up the sexuality this season, but some viewers aren’t familiar with the buzzword “sex-positive.” (See what we did there?)

But What Does ‘Sex-Positive’ Mean?

In discussions across social media about the show, multiple people are asking what “sex-positive” means. Twitter user @mac___78 put the question out there to crowd-source ideas. But the only response he got was from himself, surmising that it means liking sex and admitting it. 

Is that what “sex-positive” means? 

Kind of, but it’s more than that. 

If you’re familiar with Katie Thurston’s TikTok videos, you know she is not one to shy from discussing her sexuality. Much of her TikTok content is on her Instagram, too. Check out the video below of what she’s really doing when sexting. 

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Is “sex positivity” simply embracing your desires? 

Healthline defines it as believing that “sex can be a positive thing in a person’s life.” But another component is not judging others for their choices when it comes to bedroom activities.

It also means not shying away from having discussions related to sex, including sex education. 

Criedt; Katie Thurston/Instagram
Criedt; Katie Thurston/Instagram

Bachelor Nation Alum Trolled For Saying Only Older People Don’t Know What it Means

Viewers flooded social media during the June 14 episode of The Bachelorette with commentary. Many people asked what “sex-positive” means. 

Former Bachelorette Jason Tartick joked on Twitter that only the older generation doesn’t know. He appeared on Becca Kufrin’s season. Jason is now engaged to Kaitlyn Bristowe, whom he met when appearing on her podcast. 

Twitter users were quick to set Jason Tartick straight on his ageism. Some commented that the twenty-somethings they were watching with didn’t know either. 

It seems age has nothing to do with being familiar with the term “sex-positive” or not. Had you heard of the term before it was used on The Bachelorette? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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