Is That Ava Or Olivia Busby’s Squishy Face? Fans Still Have No Idea

OutDaughtered Ava and Olivia Busby feature

It goes without saying that fans of OutDaughtered love all of the Busby girls. However, it seems that some of them have a particular affinity for the twins, Ava and Olivia. If being part of all-girl quintuplets isn’t cool enough, they’re identical twins. Assumably, one of the things that keep people on their feet about Ava and Olivia, is that even at 6 years old, they still can’t quite figure out who is who. The same is true when it comes to the latest Ava or Olivia squishy face photo.

How to tell OutDaughtered twins Ava and Olivia Busby apart

Last TV Shows Ace reports on telling Ava and Olivia apart, even fellow quint Parker has a hard time sometimes. One thing to note is that, luckily, over time it becomes easier to tell the quints apart. However, being identical twins gives an added layer of difficulty regardless of age. Interestingly enough, when the girls were younger and had less hair, Ava could be spotted by a birthmark on the back of her head.

Also, in a 2018 YouTube video Outdaughtered parents, Adam and Danielle post a video that shares how they tell all the quints apart. According to this video, there are three distinguishing features for Olivia. First, Olivia wears different earrings from the other quints. Not only that, but Olivia has a very round face and very curly hair. Also of note, Olivia’s hair is in ringlets all over her head and Ava’s hair is longer and does curl until the bottom.

Earlier today (June 13), Danielle Busby shares an adorable photo of one of the twins. Normally, the caption at least gives a hint about which quint is in the photo. However, that isn’t the case for this photo. The caption is as follows. “Love this little squish face.”  Notably, everyone that comments with a quint name seems convinced that this photo is of Olivia/Lulu.


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Uncle Dale confirms which quint is in the photo

Luckily, Uncle Dale seems to save a lot of people from some confusion. Hopefully, he’s able to tell Olivia and Ava apart. According to him, this photo is of Olivia. Uncle Dale writes, “Ahh so cute! Love that LuLu!”

A couple of fans give their tips on telling Ava and Oliva apart.

  • “lulu has a bit of a rounder face and bigger curls, ava has curls and the bottom [sic] more! :)”
  • Olivia also has more ‘bigger’ open eyes I feel like. Ava’s are more set in and squinted. That’s how I tell them a part [sic]!

Are you able to tell OutDaughtered Ava and Olivia Busby apart? Let us know in the comment section. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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