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‘Pig Royalty’ – Renewed Or Cancelled On Discovery +?

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Discovery + viewers have already had the opportunity to view Pig Royalty. IMDb describes the series as follows. “The world of high-stakes pig show competitions for money, scholarships, big shiny belt buckles, and bragging rights.” However, fans want to know- will discovery + bring the series back for a Season 2?

Who and what is Pig Royalty?

TV Insider does a great job of describing Pig Royalty for those who may be on the fence about whether or not they even want to watch Season 1. The show is in Texas and features two farming families. TV Insider says that the show “puts 4-H rivalry to the test as two farming families dive headfirst into the muddy drama of pig show competitions.”

One of the families Pig Royalty features is the Balero family. The mom, Michelle Balero takes the reigns on training her three daughters, McKayla, McKenzie, and McCall. Additionally, Michelle takes her niece, Taytain “The Nugget” Diaz under her wing. TV Insider notes that McKayla was already winning big before getting involved in pig shows. Previously, McKayla was a cheerleader that won over $65K in a year.

Along the way, the Baleros get the moniker of “The Blingy Girls” and others call them thorny. Undoubtedly, given the nature of the competition, there is a lot of drama. Some of the allegations include a Balero girl being “intimate with a judge” and claims that they “juice” their pigs before showing.

Next, Pig Royalty features the Rihn family. This family is also a mother/daughter team. Jodi is the mom and her two daughters, Kammi and Keylie are in the pig show competitions. However, they are hopeful that little brother Kannen will win his competition. The family already has luck with Kami. She’s won $30K showing pigs to put towards her college education.


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Will there be a Season 2?

Currently, Premiere Date News reports that Pig Royalty Season 2 is currently not renewed. However, the source has a list of comments with plenty of reasons why there should be a Season 2 of Pig Royalty. All 8 of the comments ask for the return of Pig Royalty. One of the comments reads as follows. “Love this show!!! It shows kids there is more than video games to do now in days. Because of this show my kids are wanting to be involved in show animals… give us season 2.”

Do you think Discovery + will renew Pig Royalty for Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Discovery + news.

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  1. Show definitely has potential. I remember the first seasons of Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, Street Outlaws, the Last Frontier, Moon Shiners, and Alaskan Bush People. I liked all of them because I was able to learn about something new that I never thought of before as far as it being a lifestyle and then got attached to the personalities of the characters, both good and bad. I think this show got my attention and I really like it and believe there will be a season 2 if the cast can pull it together and want the show to succeed.

    There is room for a couple more cast members because the Balero’s don’t seem to be on the same page with playing the villain’s. I bet Michelle will freak out when she sees that they picked out all the clips after the pink pig show to make it look like she went on a spending spree wasting the money from the net profits instead of putting it toward scholarships and buckles which is the heart of what the kids are in it for. They even left it open to look like she may have bid (donated) some of the profits toward her own teams’ scholarships at the auction meant in her eyes to show her giving back to the kids and community even though it was only $600. Then they showed them hand out 2 or 3 blankets from the dollar store to some homeless people and included the sarcastic comments of the crowd. The shopping spree was no big deal with the leopard theme, which was probably less expensive than the boots, jeans, and long sleeve shirts the trailer park family wears. lol, just a joke but definitely not at the level of the “The Kardashians”. She seems like the kind of person that won’t recover from what she perceives as a misrepresentation of her character. Her character reminds me of the “pig with lipstick” version of Mrs Jenner in “The Kardashians”, no pun intended.

    My guess is there will be a season 2 with some of the Balero team possibly going to the Rihn team if they get Jodi on some prozac. I think her being able to see the big picture will make or break the show because she can be a good leader if she stays focused. It’s okay to have some drama and a desire to win but she is driving herself crazy.

  2. Love this show. So realistic. I grew up showing pigs and loved every minute of it. This show brings back a lot of memories. I sure hope we get to see a second season

  3. This show was awesome I never thought I would sit and watch a show about walking pigs let alone watch the whole season in one day. Bring on season 2!!!!

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