Reality Steve Spills Tea, Identifies Multiple ‘BIP’ Contestants

Bachelor in Paradise via Instagram

Get ready Bachelor Nation! Bachelor in Paradise is back this summer for Season 7. It appears filming has begun on the beaches of Mexico. Fans can expect to see the show premiere in August. ABC has not released an official cast list just yet. However, Reality Steve has been able to spill the tea on multiple contestants showing up in Mexico. All these castoffs are looking for another chance at love. Will everyone’s favorites be making appearances? Keep reading to find out!

Who will be looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise?

Reality Steve went to his blog Tuesday morning to spill the tea on some contestants showing up in Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise. These Bachelor alums are all looking for love. Rumors have been flying for months about who will end up on the beaches. Now, Steve has confirmed multiple men and women who will be looking for passion.

Steve confirmed filming for BIP started this past weekend. He also said the show will film for approximately three weeks like it always does. Plus, they were able to return to the same location as past seasons.

So who is making a return to Paradise? According to Reality Steve, many of the names he listed will be there and some will be the original cast. However, it’s impossible to know exactly who will be named the original cast members. They have so many contestants to choose from. They have “Peter’s Women, Clare/Tayshia’s Men, Matt’s Women, & Katie’s Men.”

Below are the names including one HUGE spoiler!

These men and women will reportedly be in Mexico, whether they make it on the beach is up to production. Some from Peter’s season are Kelsey Weier, Victoria Paul, Tammy Ly, Deandra Kanu, Maurissa Gunn, Mykenna Dorn, Alexa Caves and Natasha Parker. 

There are many men from Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams season that are looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise. They are Noah Erb, Chris Conran, Ivan Hall, Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Kenny Braasch, and Demar Jackson.

Contestants appearing from Matt James season of The Bachelor include Mari Pepin, Abigail Heringer, Jessenia Cruz, Alana Milne, Chelsea Vaughn, Serena Pitt, Serena Chew and Queen Victoria Larson. 

As for Katie’s season, some may be upset to read the following. So, if you do not want to know then stop reading now. According to Steve, cat boy himself, Connor Brennan will be going to BIP. 

Also, Steve noted it’s important to remember these names can change. Production can send them home for whatever reason. Also, he said this is not the full cast list. Others will be heading to down to Mexico soon.

What do you think about the cast so far? Are you excited to watch? Is your favorite going?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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