Reality Steve Reveals Two More ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Hosts

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Last night Bachelor Nation was shocked to learn that Chris Harrison will not return for Bachelor in Paradise. Instead, it was announced that comedian and actor David Spade would be serving as a host. However, he’s not the only host. It was also announced that several celebrity guest hosts would be rotating throughout the season. The question was who could the other celebs possibly be? Well, today, Reality Steve spilled the tea on two more celebs scheduled to step in. He also dished on one that was supposed to but ultimately is not. Who can fans expect to see hosting this summer?

Reality Steve dishes on more Bachelor in Paradise hosts

Steve went to Twitter today to share a few more names of guest hosts for the upcoming Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. The news comes following confirmation that David Spade would be stepping in to host for a few weeks. Why David? Some may or may not know that David is a huge Bachelor superfan. In fact, he talks about it often on Monday nights on Instagram Live. So, many think he’s a great choice to step in and host. Plus, he may bring a few laughs as well.

Aside from David, nobody knew until this evening who else could be stepping in as co-hosts. Now, Reality Steve shared one name that was supposed to make an appearance but now is not. Plus, he shared two names that most big fans should be content on seeing.

According to Steve, Chelsea Handler was supposed to be appearing as one of the celebrity hosts. However, it sounds as if her spot was pulled last minute. No reason has been given yet as to why that occurred. As far as who will be hosting, Steve says Wells Adams and fiance Sarah Hyland will be stepping in.

Fans react to the news

Tons of fans shared reactions to the news of the new Bachelor in Paradise hosts. One said, “So someone as controversial as Chelsea Handler can host BIP but Chris Harrison can’t. Haha. Ok.” Another fan said, “Yeah because Chelsea Handler is such a “kind” person. She’s just what we need. Lol.” So, it seems pulling her may have been the right choice.

While most did not care for Chelsea Handler, the majority were excited about Wells and Sarah. One fan said, “If I could pick a permanent replacement host it would 1000% be @WellsAdams! He seems like the perfect pick to me, maybe if things go well on BIP he will be.”

More fans chimed in with the same sentiments. However, there were still some who just want Chris Harrison back on The Bachelor period.

No news has surfaced yet if there will be even more special hosts. It does appear the new season of Bachelor in Paradise is filming or getting ready to.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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