‘RHONY’ Season 13 Episode 5 Recap: June 1

RHONY Credit: Ramona Singer IG

Last week on RHONY, Leah took a vow of silence after feeling disrespected by Ramona. Leah was not the only one feeling out of sorts. Sonja had grown tired of hearing about Lu’s new love, Garth. Soon, Luann’s ex-husband, Tom was brought up. Sonja felt slighted by rumors and accusations about their relationship. Eboni had to remind Lu that Sonja is not in the best place so friends need to uplift. At Ramona’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s style dinner, Heather Thomson reappeared. Leah couldn’t wait to confront her about the bad things she had said about the ladies. She played coy but Leah was not buying it. In the end, Ramona walked out when Leah started talking inappropriately. The dinner must go on.

Ramona Pleads RHONY Class

It’s hard for Ramona to click with Leah at times. Leah tends to speak about body parts and intimacy with verbiage Ramona claims to have a disdain for. She acts all prim and proper yet the ladies think she is getting the most action. Ramona eventually sits down with Leah and tries to be open with her, get on her raunchier level. Leah does have a lot going on, personally with her grandmother passing away so she is lashing out.

The next morning, Leah and Eboni are over Ramona flip-flopping from pure to vixen. But, Eboni does not want to make waves at her home. They all need to get ready to head to Lu’s as she has a whole day planned with a nude model. First, Ramona confronts Heather about not speaking her name on her podcast. It means nothing to Heather at all because she thinks she’s full of hot air.

Leah chats with her family and learns her grandma is not even communicating. This breaks her heart knowing she will never have another conversation with her again. She was always her biggest cheerleader and now she is slipping away. Eboni can relate so she is on her side.

RHONY Credit: Leah McSweeney Instagram
Credit: Leah McSweeney Instagram

Glam Squad and Nude Paintings

Lu has planned a whole day of fun for the RHONY ladies at her Sag Harbor home. Garth is cooking lamb curry and her daughter, Victoria arranged for a nude model to paint. However, Ramona is getting peeved because Leah and Eboni are in glam so the others have to wait. Eboni tells Ramona she has a different hair type so she needs more time. She adds she won’t have someone tell her what to do with her time. When all the ladies finally get to Lu’s, she had a man named Alfredo there for Sonja. He is so not her type and Sonja is repulsed.

They all paint the nude man but Ramona is the first to bow out after she draws a lot. Leah needs to sit down because she misses her grandma too much. Ramona tries to console her yet she makes it worse. Eboni is soothing and they cry and laugh. At lunch, Lu wants to know what she missed when she went to bed the night prior. Lu says she and Ramona were both brought up with good Christian values. Sometimes the dirty talk goes a little too far.

Ramona equates Leah to her daughter and that sets Leah off. She erupts and calls the ladies names and leaves. Eboni defends Leah saying using inappropriate words does not make you uneducated or unclassy. She reminds them she has more education than anyone else there. What education is gets challenged and it is on. It then becomes a race issue but nothing gets resolved so Eboni agrees to leave. Next week, Lu and Eboni try to come to a resolution while Heather and Leah go at it. Watch RHONY Tuesday nights at 9 pm only on Bravo.

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