Duggar Fans Still Have Questions About Lauren Caldwell’s Engagement

Caldwell Family Instagram (Lauren Caldwell engagement)

Duggar fans have a lot of questions. Right now, they are wondering what happened to Kendra’s younger sister Lauren Caldwell’s engagement. As we’ve reported, Lauren’s relationship with Titus Hall has seemingly come to an end.

Back in October, Titus popped the question while on a beach vacation with the Caldwell family. At the time, the Caldwells posted photos and shared the exciting news on their Instagram page. Joe and Kendra also shared a post about the proposal. Prior to Titus and Lauren getting engaged, fans didn’t even know they were courting. Lauren was actually rumored to be courting one of the Duggar guys.

Caldwell Family Instagram
Caldwell Family Instagram

In December, just two months after the photos were posted on social media, they were deleted. It’s assumed that Titus and Lauren called off their engagement, but the Caldwells haven’t shared any details.

While Lauren and Titus could still be engaged, it seems very unlikely. In new photos the Caldwells have posted, she’s not wearing a ring. By now, we likely would have seen another photo of them together too. In this photo of Lauren, which was taken in May, she’s showing off her new manicure, and she’s not wearing a ring.

Caldwell Family Instagram
Caldwell Family Instagram

Duggar fans still look for answers

In the comments sections of the Caldwell family’s Instagram posts, Duggar and Caldwell fans are commenting and asking about the engagement. One writes, “Where’s Lauren’s 💍? I thought she was engaged? Beautiful manicure ladies! 💅🏻” Another adds, “Is Lauren no longer engaged?” Yet another user writes, “I thought Lauren was engaged? But i dont see any pics of her fiance/husband anywhere…did they call off the engagement?”

What do we know about Lauren Caldwell’s failed engagement?

At this point, the Caldwells still aren’t addressing the failed engagement. There have been several theories for why the pair split, but it’s all speculation. Some think that Lauren might be in love with someone else, such as a Duggar boy. Others think that the maturity level and age difference between Lauren and Titus was too large.

It doesn’t seem likely that the Caldwells will address the failed engagement since they haven’t already. They seem to ignore many of the social media comments they receive.

So, do you think the engagement is off? Do you think the family will ever offer an explanation? Let us know in the comments below.

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