Kyle Chrisley Wishes Chase Happy Birthday, But Lindsie Snubs Him

Kyle Chrisley Chase Chrisley Birthday

Members of the Chrisley Knows Best crew are taking to their social media accounts to wish Chase Chrisley a happy 25th birthday. Little sister, Savannah Chrisley explains that they’re best friends. This isn’t shocking to anyone that’s seen the show, or give the fact that there are only two years between them. Next, big brother, Kyle Chrisley takes to Instagram to share his birthday wish. While Kyle was formerly estranged from the family, this is just another sign that things are going well for him and the rest of the Chrisleys. However, the same can’t be said for big sister, Lindsie Chrisley. Keep reading to find out what Kyle Chrisley has to say to his brother on his birthday.

Kyle Chrisley wishes little brother, Chase Chrisley a happy birthday

To commemorate Chrisley Knows Best Chase Chrisley’s 25th birthday, Kyle Chrisley shares a very brother photo of the two. The two older Chrisley brothers give each other a side hug on a boat. Unlike Savannah with her lengthy birthday message to Chase, Kyle keeps it short and sweet. The oldest Chrisley son says, “Happy birthday brother I hope it’s a good one I love you @chasechrisley.” Like Chase has done with all of the birthday shout-outs from his family, he responds. Chase writes, “Thanks dawg! Love ya!” 


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It appears that Lindsie Chrisley isn’t ready to even give a shout-out to her little brother on his birthday. This isn’t the first time that Lindsie snubs a family member. On Mother’s Day, it appears that the oldest Chrisley child disses both her mothers. She doesn’t write anything about her mom Teresa Terry or Julie Chrisley. This is especially upsetting since Julie adopted Lindsie when she was younger. Julie even explains how her relationship (or lack of relationship) with Lindsie makes her feel.  In a recent episode of her podcast with Todd Chrisley, Chrisley Confessions, Todd and Jule talk about what it’s like to be betrayed by “your own flesh and blood.” Julie even mentions that she gave so much of her life to these kids and sometimes it feels like it was all for nothing. 

Lindsie snubs Chase

Interestingly enough, Kyle and Lindsie Chrisley have more in common with Chase and Savannah than just paternal DNA. The two eldest Chrisley children are also two years apart. Nowadays they aren’t anywhere near as close as Chase and Savannah. However, it does beg the question if they were ever as close as Chase and Savannah. At one point, both Kyle and Lindsie Chrisley were estranged from the rest of the family. However, each of their reasons is drastically different. While Kyle has recently made amends, given how Lindsie has recently snubbed her moms, and now her little brother – it doesn’t seem like she’s on track to rejoin the rest of her family any time soon.

Does Lindsie Chrisley Diss Both Her Moms On Mother’s Day?

What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Lindsie Chrisley and the rest of the family? Does it surprise you that Lindsie snubs Chase on his 25th birthday? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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