Ethan Ybarra BEGS Fans To Love Him

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How is Ethan Ybarra dealing with his breakup from Myrka Cantu? Not well, based on his Instagram Stories slides. In a series of late-night posts, the Unexpected star BEGS fans to love him. But not like that – he insisted he wasn’t looking for a quick hookup. What is he looking for? 


When the Tell-All specials for Season 4 of TLC’s Unexpected filmed, Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra were very much together. However, by the time it aired in May, the relationship was on its last legs. Shortly before the Part 2 Tell-All, Myrka Cantu confirmed the split rumors. 

As fans of the show know, the former couple share a daughter, Attalie. They were both just teenagers when Myrka got pregnant. Fans were rooting for their relationship to survive the toll of a teen pregnancy. Sadly, they broke up a month before Attalie’s first birthday. 

But Followers Quickly Shoot Their Shot

While followers were shocked by the split, it didn’t take some long to start hitting on Ethan. He shared several thirsty comments he gets in DMs. Some followers thought he was trying to make Myrka jealous. His latest Instagram Stories post definitely raised some eyebrows. 

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Ethan Ybarra BEGS Fans to Love Him 

It seems that Ethan Ybarra is lonely after his split from Myrka. He took to his Instagram Stories recently to find that special someone. He wrote that he was “looking for someone that will actually love me.” Is he implying Myrka Cantu didn’t love him? Or is he seeking physical companionship? 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

Myrka Cantu was unabashedly honest with her Instagram followers about her non-existent intimate life with Ethan prior to the split. She spoke out about being on birth control “just in case,” though she didn’t need it. In fact, she showed off her drastic weight loss after going off birth control recently. 

Ethan Ybarra may have got more than he bargained for after his post. He followed it up by telling fans to stop sending him thirsty messages. He was looking for someone to make him laugh, “not hookup.” 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

It seems he also received DMs encouraging him to give Myrka Cantu another chance. 

Responds to Fans Asking Him to ‘Wait’ For Myrka: ‘I’m Done’

At least one of Ethan’s followers is still rooting for a reunion. In fact, it sounds like Ethan received several messages telling him to try again with Myrka. However, he didn’t want to hear it. He wrote a blanket statement, telling his followers that he is “done” waiting for her. 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

Do you think there’s a chance Myrka and Ethan could get back together? What do you think of Ethan Ybarra’s posts where he begs fans to love him? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Check back with us for updates on TLC’s plans for Season 5 of Unexpected.

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