Myrka Cantu Hits Back At Accusations She Ruined Her Family

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Myrka Cantu hits back at hateful messages about her family. 

Fans of TLC’s Unexpected are having a hard time with the news that Myrka Cantu & Ethan Ybarra broke up. Myrka’s Instagram followers are flooding her with screenshots of Ethan snapchatting other girls. In fact, some fans allege that the chatting was going on before the split. 

While Myrka Cantu has been mum on the reason behind the breakup, she isn’t taking hate from fans, either. In a recent Q&A, the teen mom hit back at followers saying she ruined daughter Attalie’s family. 

Myrka Cantu & Ethan Ybarra Split Before Daughter’s First Birthday

Season 4 of Unexpected premiered in late 2020. Due to a delay in airing the episodes, the season just finished airing earlier this month. Shortly after the two-part Tell-All, Myrka Cantu shared some sad news with her followers. 

She confirmed that she was no longer dating her daughter’s father, Ethan Ybarra. Fans were rooting for the high school sweethearts to beat the statistics for teen parents. According to Myrka, the split was her choice. She hasn’t said why exactly they broke up. 

However, fans seem to think that Ethan was cheating on Myrka. Her followers keep sending her screenshots of his activity on snapchat. She often shares the screenshots on her Instagram Stories, blocking out the content of the messages. Myrka said she does that because she doesn’t want to badmouth her daughter’s father. 

Unexpected Star Gets Hateful DMs Over Split

Despite fans showing alleged ‘receipts’ of Ethan’s behavior, Myrka Cantu is getting the brunt of criticism. During a recent Q&A, she received some negative messages accusing her of ruining her daughter’s family. 

One follower wrote, “Why did you break up your family?” to Myrka during a Q&A. The Unexpected star shared the question on her IG Stories, including her facial expression. Myrka appears to be hurt and upset by the accusation. 

She wrote her reply underneath: “Don’t word it like that, pioja.” 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Myrka Cantu Hits Back 

Another of Myrka Cantu’s followers took up in her defense. The follower sent a message to Myrka with a snarky response to the other question. In Myrka’s defense, they wrote, “Because I’m not raising my daughter to think that’s love? Tf” 

Myrka seemed to agree with that clapback, writing “Literally” underneath the comment. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Some of her followers seem pretty salty about the split, but Myrka Cantu isn’t putting up with negative comments.

Will She Return to Unexpected?

The teen has been transparent about what a nightmare the TLC show has been. She has spoken out against the show misrepresenting her relationship with her mother. Myrka seems pretty confident that she will not be returning for Season 5. However, there is another reality show she has her eye on. 

Do you think Myrka Cantu’s followers are being too hard on her for the breakup? Should she give her relationship another chance for Attalie? Check back with us for updates on the future of Unexpected. 

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