Has Anna Duggar Taken The Kids To Visit Josh Since His Arrest?

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As we’ve reported, Josh Duggar was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. His trial isn’t until July, but he has been released on conditions. In the meantime, Anna Duggar and their six children (plus one on the way) are able to visit him. So, have they seen him yet?

What conditions was Josh released on?

No bail was listed for Josh, but he was instead released on conditions. He’s not allowed to see minors other than his own children, so he can’t see his nieces, nephews, and some of his siblings.

According to @DuggarBates_Confessions, he was released on the following conditions:

  • “Has to go to third party.
  • He may not leave the house unless it’s for medical church court school or work. Or other approved as advanced.
  • Must report to supervision.
  • Must not possess or have erotica or porn of any kind.
  • He cannot have internet internet smart phones TVs tablet game systems etc.
  • May not have passwords of phones of third-party.
  • He may have a jitterbug phone approved by probation office.
  • May not travel outside of West Arkansas unless approved.
  • Josh can talk to his kids if Anna is present however he may not talk to any other children including his siblings and nieces and nephews.
  • He may not use drugs or alcohol.
  • He might not have firearms or they can’t be in the house.”

So far, Anna is supporting her husband. She hasn’t spoken out against his alleged actions and doesn’t seem to be avoiding him either.

Anna Duggar and kids visit Josh

A source spoke with The Sun and revealed that Anna and the kids have visited Josh. Jason Gemeiner, who lives behind the Rebers’ home, shared some details about what’s going on now. He said, “I believe I saw family visit, yes.” Then, he adds, “I believe his wife and kids visited. I assume that’s who they were. There were also other people.”

Later, he went on to explain his feelings about Josh living so close to his property. He said, “I’m a little concerned, but there is not much I can do about it. I have a teen daughter so that’s my concern, but she’s a strong girl! We’re spread apart. There is a horse pasture in between us. It’s not like we interact. Everyone keeps to themselves.”

Apparently, the Rebers informed him about Josh coming to live with them, but at that point, he already knew. He says that they are nice people though.

So, are you surprised to hear that Anna Duggar has visited Josh with the kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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