‘Unexpected’ Split Confirmed – Did Myrka Cantu Break Ethan’s Heart?

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Did Myrka Cantu break Ethan’s heart?

Ahead of the dramatic conclusion to Season 4 of Unexpected, it seems Myra Cantu & Ethan Ybarra are having their own drama. Rumors popped up over the weekend that the fan-favorite couple broke up. They separately confirmed the news, but fans keep asking if it’s true. Myrka Cantu took to her Instagram Stories to set the record straight once and for all. Was it her decision to split up? 

Unexpected Stars Confirm Split – Did Myrka Cantu Break Ethan’s Heart? 

Reality TV fans know Ethan Ybarra and Myrka Cantu from TLC’s Unexpected. The teens were in high school when Myrka accidentally got pregnant. Some fans do wonder if she ‘trapped’ Ethan. 

Myrka implied on her Instagram Stories earlier this month that it wasn’t her decision to apply for the TLC show. She didn’t elaborate. However, the couple quickly won over fans. Myrka & Ethan welcomed their daughter, Attalie, last year. Her birth aired during Season 4 of the show. 

Myrka Cantu often fields inquiries from her followers about whether she’s still with her baby daddy. Up until this weekend, the answer was yes. What changed? Well, at some point, the teen parents broke up. Myrka confirmed this on her IG Stories. 

She seemed annoyed that “everyone” keeps asking if she is still with Ethan. She sets the record straight: “NO WE ARE NOT TOGETHER.” According to Myrka, she broke up with him. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

He seemed to confirm this on his own Instagram Stories by saying that he still loved his ex. 

Fans Send Myrka Cantu Screenshots of Ethan’s Snapchat, She Responds 

Of course, the first thing fans wonder is if Ethan cheated on her – or vice versa. He addressed this on his IG Stories, saying that he would never cheat.

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

But some of Myrka’s followers seem to be implying otherwise. Myrka Cantu shared screenshots fans sent her from Ethan’s Snapchat.

However, she blocked out most of the text from the screenshots. In response to one, she wrote that she “wouldn’t doubt” whatever the allegation was. After sharing another screenshot, she wrote that she was “finding out” a lot about her ex from Snapchat.

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

She didn’t elaborate and it seems that she doesn’t plan to spill the tea.

Is the Breakup Real or Just For Attention? 

There are some who think the breakup is fake for attention. The timing, with the Tell-All airing on May 17th, is a little fishy to some. Starcasm reports that Ethan’s father denied that the breakup is fake. He seemed to back up Myrka Cantu’s statement that she won’t be returning to the show. According to Ethan’s dad, they all “declined” returning for another season. 

Ethan himself responded to the allegations that the breakup is fake. A follower asked him point-blank on a Q&A if the breakup was fake for attention. He wrote back “I wish” with a crying emoji. 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

It seems that she may have broken Ethan’s heart when she broke up with him. Their respective followers are hoping the Unexpected stars can work it out. 

Do you think Myrka Cantu broke Ethan’s heart? Or is there still hope?

Part 2 of the Tell-All airs on Monday, May 17. 

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