‘Good Witch’ Season 7 Hints At LGBTQ+ Romance

Good Witch, Hallmark-Photo: Catherine Bell, James Denton Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Hallmark’s Good Witch is back on Sunday with Season 7. There promises to be a lot of magic and love. That could also include the first LGBTQ+ romance on the series. What does the preview hint at?

More Romance In Good Witch Season 7

Goodies, are you ready for The Good Witch Season 7? The premiere is on Sunday, May 16, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel. Moreover, the Hallmark preview gives us a hint of what to expect this season. Although there will not be as many of those Middleton quirky stories, there will be a lot more humor.

What else should Goodies expect? How about romance?

Romance is blooming in Middleton! That means lots of intimate moments. In addition, there is a lot of lovely gestures. But, Cassie learns that her magic has some obstacles. She learns that the more she cares about someone, the less likely magic will happen.

However, don’t count magic out. With three Merriwick women now in Middleton, there could be a triple threat in the magic department.

Good Witch Season 7 May Include First LGBTQ+ Romance

There could be a potentially groundbreaking romance for Good Witch in Season 7. According to the preview, Joy Harper, who is new to Middleton, is shown adjusting the bowtie of another woman. While this intimate moment is shown, Catherine Bell’s voice shares that everyone will be “exploring different aspects of romance.”

If there should be an LGBTQ+ romance on the series, this will be yet another example of inclusion and diversity that the network promised to offer since the disastrous 2019 Christmas ad debacle. To refresh viewer’s memories, an advertisement for a wedding site showed a same-gender wedding in their advertisement.

First, Hallmark removed the advertisement, per the request of the Million Moms. However, cries to #BoycottHallmark made the network reverse that decision. With that decision, they vowed to be more inclusive in their broadcasting.

Now, it is not unusual to see gay characters and couples in Hallmark productions. If they are indeed adding an LGBTQ+ relationship to Good Witch, this will continue this vow.

Will There Be A Halloween Special For 2021?

Last year, due to Covid, there was not a Good Witch Halloween special. They were unable to make that happen. The restrictions mean that it takes longer to film episodes. In addition, crowd scenes and such offer more challenges.

However, there has not been a word either way on whether there will be a Halloween Special for 2021. Hopefully, they already have a script in place. As many things are starting to return to normal, this should give Goodies some hope that their favorite Halloween special may be back!

The Good Witch Season 7 premiere is on Sunday, May 16, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

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  1. With the inclusion of a LBG couple I will not be watching Good Witch in the future. I have no problem with gay couples but choose not to support them.

    1. I agree! I loved the show because it had such wholesome values and no ‘trashiness’, then they had to shove immoral same-sex relationships down our throat. GOOD RIDDANCE GOOD WITCH!!

  2. Ever since the hallmark channel began including same-sex couples in their movies, it became just another channel. It’s no different from any other.

  3. I don’t know why Hallmark wants to cave to liberal culture & become just like every other TV network! The GOOD WITCH can count me out for season 7.

  4. I’ll be stopping watching if there’s same gender kissing. There’s plenty of other stations for people to pick from that like that sort of thing. Hallmark should realize that a lot of people that watch them like traditional values that are hard to find on other networks. If you go this route, I will have to stop watching. I’m sure the station has thought of that though and has decided opinions of people who prefer man/woman relationship don’t matter. We’ll see what the ratings show afterward. My guess is the lgbtq community as a whole won’t be satisfied enough and hasn’t made much a habit of watching hallmark because it’s mostly straight couples. One relationship won’t satisfy them, and you’ll have to go a lot farther to hold their interest. For people like me though, all it takes is one to stop watching.

  5. I’m very disappointed in Hallmarks decision to have same sex story lines in their movies and shows. I’ve been watching for years because of its traditional family values. I will not be watching anymore.

  6. Katherine Bell is gay so it doesn’t surprise me. I just liked that this show was wholesome and fun to watch. There is a moral compass that Christians have. I’m not going to watch 2 men/women kiss. Come on Hallmark! Stay the way you have been!..Dont change it if it ain’t broke!

  7. I will not be watching Good Witch if they will be pushing same sex relationships on the show. I would prefer the wholesomeness of the show stay the same, but I will dump it (and any other) show that portrays same sex relationships as normal.

  8. I have been watching this season and cannot watch anymore with this same sex relationship. I cannot believe Hallmark is going this direction! Wake up Hallmark – this is why we watch your channel. More clean than the regular shows on tv.

  9. I started watching Good Witch a couple of months ago, beginning with Season 1. It has been such a pleasant and enjoyable escape from the upside down world we live in. But, now, Season 7 is ruining the whole experience. Every other channel and program has LGBTQ123xyz story lines. Straight people like to watch programming about straight people. Please stop shoving this alternate universe down our throats. I thought Hallmark stood for something. I guess I was wrong. No more Good Witch for me.

  10. It’s so sad to see Hallmark following all of the others. I had to stop watching my favorite show the Good Witch. I’ve watched all the seasons and just enjoyed that it was one place I could count on that would just be uplifting and wholesome an entertaining. Now that’s gone

  11. Hallmark has always been our decent channel to watch , we considered it the only decent channel left for family . But now we will not be watching it anymore it has become like the rest . So sad they have given in to pressure

  12. I too have stopped watching Hallmark channel because of the same sex movies. I have been watching a few older movies but I’m just done with the perversion that is deemed family friendly☹

  13. I’m shocked and saddened to read all these comments from people who are equating same sex relationships as torrid and “unwholesome”. We have more pressing issues eroding our morality like hunger, domestic violence, drugs, guns; the list is endless. If anyone is going to portray wholesome TV, it’s hallmark. And adding tasteful romances, regardless of orientation, is literally just a representation of the real world. I don’t think it should be about who’s portrayed, as much as it should be about how it’s portrayed. Which, so far, has been extremely tasteful and wholesome (just like their hetero scenes) and not remotely what other networks have been peddling. Which are highly sexualized and stereotypical same sex scenes. So, I feel that hallmark has absolutely stayed true to their roots in this regard. They are finally representing the real world. which is full of all sorts of people. your children will see gay people everywhere in their lives and should learn how to be tolerant, accepting and kind. All of their shows demonstrate that it’s the quality of the person that matters most. I applaud hallmark for adding more diversity to their broadcasting but not hitting us over the head with it like other networks. If you feel that your religion is the reason for being unsupportive, think about this: Jesus doesn’t pick and choose who he loves based on their sexuality. God created all of us in his image and He doesn’t make mistakes, which means that everyone is who they are supposed to be. Now, more than ever, is a time for kindness, understanding and acceptance of others. And by not supporting Hallmark, you are indirectly paving the way for more “immoral” programming on other networks.

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