‘RHONY’ Season 13 Episode 2 Recap: May 11

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Last week on the Season 13 premiere of RHONY, the ladies were introduced to Eboni. A friend of Leah’s, she is a lawyer, commentator, and an all-around boss. Yet, she always keeps it real. Eager to introduce her to the women, Leah asked Sonja if she could bring her to a ladies lunch she was having. Speaking of Sonja, new besties Luann and Ramona have not been able to locate her. She has been off the grid, cleansing herself and focusing on the townhouse. Because of COVID, she was unable to sell or rent it so she had to move back in. Luann had a new home in the city. Interestingly enough, she can see her ex-husband, Tom’s terrace from her own. Coincidence? It is now time to have a little fun and Ramona’s Hamptons home seems to be just the place.

Eboni and Leah Connect On RHONY

Leah is visiting Eboni at her apartment but this is not the place she wants to be at. She only got this apartment to be with her now ex-fiance. Unfortunately, when quarantine hit, he left her to be with his kids in Jersey thus the demise of their relationship. She still does not feel completely comfortable staying there. As for her first impressions of the ladies- what about Sonja?

Sonja is a lot to take in and she is all out there. Yet, she is used to it. Onto Ramona who she felt was totally pleasant and acted like there was a straight connection. However, she picked up on the fake connection but she will give the Hamptons trip a chance. Leah has been thinking about ideas for the trip. Since Burning Man was canceled and Leah could not go, she wants to do a Burning Man dinner for the ladies. Eboni is pretty much down for everything.

Sonja Finds Her Spirit

Now that she is living in the townhouse again, Sonja is trying to get all the healing she can. This includes soothing her pup, as well. She has invited an energy healer over and claims she lives in the moment, not in the past. The other ladies would probably disagree with this statement. However, she does admit moving back into the home has changed her mind a lot.

Having done a lot of healing in the desert with the colonics, Sonja is hopeful this has helped her. The healer says pain is connected to the gut. She puts crystals around Sonja and it all comes down to the divorce from many years ago. This is like a living townhouse. It is something she needs to let go of because this is no longer her life. She is also broken from the Century21 deal falling through and the townhouse being unable to sell.

RHONY Credit: Bravo
Credit: Bravo

RHONY Ladies Prep For Burning Man In Thee Hamptons

Ramona has hired a hospitality assistant to help a few hours a day. After her last hosting gig in the Hamptons, it did not go as planned so she needs some help. Ramona claims she really does like Leah and is dressed for the Burning Man event. Sadly, Leah’s grandma is dying and she is just hoping she will hold on until she returns. However, she is accepting she may pass while she is gone. Luann is excited about this trip because she is still trying to figure out what is going on with Sonja.

When Leah and Eboni get to Ramona’s Hamptons home, Leah is thrilled with Ramona’s effort to dress for the BM event. They start to look around but Leah cannot help but reflect on her throwing Tiki torches last year. Ramona is asking the hospitality staff some questions and calls one by the wrong name. She then refers to them as the help and that triggers Eboni.

She looks at Leah and has to see if she heard her right. As an African-American woman and advocate, calling your staff “the help” is extremely tone-deaf. However, Ramona is not known for being socially aware.

No More Lower Levels and Ghosts Of RHONY Past

When it comes to the room choices, Ramona explains Luann will get a great room after what happened last year. She was very upset when she ended up in the basement aka the lower level. It caused a lot of friction and led Lu to leave their Season 12 Hamptons trip abruptly. Despite Lu and Sonja being late since they are carpooling, Ramona has reserved Lu’s room in advance. Sonja and Ramona will be rooming together while Eboni and Leah get to pick whatever rooms they’d like.

Ramona soon shares she has invited former cast member Heather Thomson. This shocks Leah because she is not a fan of hers. She has heard Heather say horrible things about the ladies on podcasts like Lu does hard drugs, etc. It is hard for her to understand why Ramona would bring her around. Heather was at the Berkshires dinner last year but Leah did not get to know her very well.

Ramona takes the two women on a house tour to see their rooms and to show off. Eboni is torn on Ramona. She is a great host and very welcoming but she calls her lovely assistants “the help” so that’s a negative. Sonja and Lu finally show up and are ready for the evening and some food.

Burning Man Time

Sonja is helping Ramona with her pasties and she is shocked with how far the prude has come. Leah says her look is Mad Max meets Coyote Ugly. She is thrilled with how Ramona pulled out all of the stops for the evening. Leah has helped plan the evening and there is a healer, kombucha, and so much fun. However, there are still Tiki torches so Ramona could not let that go.

Ramona is trying to understand what healing means but Leah tells her not to intellectualize it. She keeps interrupting and cannot go with it. The healer tells her to just go with it. Time to set an intention and Leah wants to be set free since her grandma is passing. This is unconditional love and relationship so she wants to be set free. For Eboni, she is setting the intention for receiving a new definition of family. Her grandma is sick, as well. She thanks the ladies for being so welcoming.

Luann has been looking for spirituality for a while so she is calling on the spirits to help her find the way. Ramona wants to pay more attention to her true friends since she has no family. Luann gives Ramona credit for trying but does not think anyone is buying what she says. Sonja wants to be more vulnerable and let people trust her with her feelings. She does not want to dump her issues on anyone, including her daughter or mom. Eboni says Sonja is not a burden on anyone.

Sonja Checks Out and RHONY Scream Therapy

No one wants her to check out because that is what she does. Ramona does not like when she just disappears. Again, Eboni reiterates this is not a way to live. The healer starts singing through Reiki and tells the ladies to let whatever they feel come out. Leah begins to scream because that is how she feels. Then she breaks down and they know she has a lot going on. Ramona proceeds to scream with her and everyone feels better afterward.

They all proceed to jump in the pool, some naked but Eboni keeps her clothes on. Then, they make their own pizzas together with assistance and just enjoy the experience. Soon, people on stilts come out and start doing tricks with Sonja joining in. Eboni thinks she is on a trip and slips away back to her room. Leah goes to check on her because she did not say goodbye. She says she just wanted to bask in the moment but nites she has not had this experience with non-African-American females in a long time. It’s new for her.

Leah is proud of Eboni for being vulnerable and all the women are proud of Leah for an amazing event. Ramona says this is her core group. They decide to celebrate with one last scream. Next week, Eboni confronts Ramona about “the help” comment. Leah challenges Ramona about donating plasma and their friendship could be in jeopardy. Finally, Ramona talks financials and it sends Sonja into a tailspin. Don’t miss RHONY every Tuesday at 9 pm only on Bravo.





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