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Wait, Where Are Lindsie Chrisley’s Pants In This Photo?!

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While Lindsie Chrisley Campbell may be estranged from her family, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her fair share of fans that like to keep up with her. Luckily for them, she tends to stay active on social media. Also, she gives them plenty to talk about it. Whether it’s because she has a drink in her hand, or she’s wearing a cute outfit, there is almost always new content on Lindsie Chrisley’s social media. However, in a recent post, fans have a question. Where are Lindsie Chrisley’s pants?

Where are Lindsie Chrisley’s pants?

Earlier, Lindsie Chrisley takes to her Instagram stories. She begins by addressing what will most likely be everyone’s first question about this post. Where are her pants? She explains that she knows it looks like she isn’t wearing any pants. However, she assures everyone that she has athletic shorts on under her oversized sweatshirt.

Lindsie Chrisley pants
Instagram Lindsie Chrisley

Next, she explains what fans can expect from this week’s episode of the podcast she co-hosts with Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry, Coffee Convos. Lindsie explains that she read a local news article about a woman that was abducted. She further explains that it reminds her of Elizabeth Smart’s case. She captions the story with, “elizabeth smart, makes me terrified.”

The reason she’s scared is that she doesn’t understand how it could be so easy for someone to abduct an adult and people not find out or find them. She encourages her followers to share their thoughts. She asks, “do you think this is easy for someone to do to a woman?”

Abductions seem to fascinate the estranged Chrisley Knows Best star

Apparently, the topic of women being abducted really fascinates Lindsie Chrisley because she asks another question. She wants to know if abductors look for a certain type of people. Specifically, she wants to know if it’s a certain personality, looks, or completely random.

Hopefully, Lindsie Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry share some of the answers Lindsie gathers from her Instagram stories. At the time of her Instagram stories post, Lindise shares that she was on her way to record with Kailyn. Social media works in mysterious ways, but hopefully, her followers are quick enough to give her some insight into her questions before she starts recording Coffee Convos.

What do you think about Lindsie Chrisley’s questions about abduction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Tune into Coffee Convos tomorrow (May 13) to see if Lindsie got any answers. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley news.


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