Danielle Busby Puts On Leggy Display, Leaves Fans Scratching Heads

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby romper

While the latest season of OutDaughtered is over, that doesn’t mean that fans can’t keep up with what’s going on with the Busby’s. Lately, it seems like things are getting more active on their other social media sites. Danielle models a lot of the ladies’ fashion and fans are taking notice. However, what leaves them scratching their heads?

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby puts on a leggy display in black romper for sale in Graeson Bee boutique

Recently, Danielle Busby shares a stunning photo on the Instagram for their boutique, Graeson Bee. In the photo, her smile is radiating and she beams confidence. This post is advertising a romper, and the fact that Danielle has killer legs definitely helps.

Next, the caption goes on to try and sell the romper. “We love a good functional and comfortable romper and this one is no exception,” we assume Danielle writes. The caption goes on to explain some of the features and what to pair the romper with. “Features an elastic waist band and tie + pairs perfect with sneakers!”


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Fans can’t find the romper to purchase it

However, fans are confused. Apparently, they aren’t able to find it on the website. The comments are as follows.

  • “I was not able to find this on the website yet and it is so cute!
  • Is this on the website? I didn’t see it.
    • I couldn’t find it either 🙁

Another fan wants to know if the striped bathing suit from the lake website is available in the boutique. At the time of this writing, neither Danielle Busby (or a Graeson Bee representative) has responded to the fact that people cannot find this romper to purchase it.

TV Shows Ace investigates to confirm that the black romper from the Graeson Bee Instagram is not listed for sale on the Graeson Bee website. In the romper/jumpsuit section, there is an olive overall romper that is sold out. Still available are a button-front jumpsuit, a dressy, strappy, flowy jumpsuit, and then what looks like a pants version of the mystery black romper. The rompers range in price from $46-$55.


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Have you purchased anything from Danielle Busby’s boutique Graeson Bee? Would you like to own the romper? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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