‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Annoyed: ‘Negative Amy Roloff Is Back’

Little People Big World (Amy Roloff) (TLC YouTube)

The new season of TLC’s Little People, Big World premiered on Tuesday, and fans are already unimpressed with Amy Roloff. They disliked her behavior in Season 22, Episode 1.

LPBW Season 22 premiere

One of the main highlights of the new season is sweet sibling pair Jackson, 3, and Lilah, 1. Zach and Tori Roloff’s little ones stole the show and got lots of attention from fans. Viewers loved getting to see the two adorable kiddos on TV again, especially since they’ve grown so much since the show last aired. The new season features a cute intro with Jackson scootering around.

While fans would love a show that focuses on just Jackson and Lilah, there is plenty more to catch up on with the Roloff family. In case you missed it, the episode’s description gives a quick recap of what went down:

“Wedding planning gets real for Amy and Chris, but they may not be on the same page. Zach contemplates living on the farm and all that entails. Amy and Chris’ housewarming party has some unexpected twists – especially when Matt and Caryn show up.”

Little People, Big World fans tired of Amy Roloff

On social media, the show’s viewers are chatting about the first episode of the season. Though there is a lot to talk about, many of them are focusing on Amy and her behavior throughout the episode.

On Twitter, one user writes, “Negative Amy Roloff is back! Just NASTY all the time….damn, damn, damn! #littlepeoplebigworld #amyroloff #TLC”

Another user writes, “Amy’s attitude towards Matt is exhausting! Her jabs at Matt are so childish! Then if he responds she acts all victimized! Her jealousy over Caryn & Matt is ridiculous! B*tch get over it & yourself already! Amy’s going to destroy her 2nd marriage too!”

Others chime in to call Amy “annoying” and say that she’s “the problem.”

Some even wish that Amy wasn’t on the show because of her negativity. One fan writes that they wish it was just Tori and Zach instead.

Since it’s only the first episode, it’s possible that things will get better. But fans are already getting tired of Amy.


So, did you watch the Season 22 premiere of TLC’s Little People, Big World? Did you feel that Amy Roloff was being too negative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aubrey Chorpenning


  1. Amy needs to get over herself. She thinks she’s all that. No one is going to put up with her childish & controlling behavior. Chris, wake up honey you can do so much better!!

    1. I agree that Amy comes across so negative and “the victim”! In each and every episode, she has to ALWAYS bring up the farm and how she had to leave and blah, blah, blah!! If her and Matt had not gotten a divorce, she would never have met Chris!! She points out all the negative’s about Matt but NEVER brings up the positive in meeting Chris! That look she gets on her face when Matt is brought up is just plain ugly!

    2. Amy has never been someone I liked on LPBW, she has been so nasty at times I really could not watch. Nobody is perfect but Amy never seemd to be happy with anything Matt did for her.
      I hope she doesn’t drive Chris away with her carping about the least little thing. Except for her son she has managed to run her other 3 children away from the show. That is a shame because the kids were the best part of the show.

      1. I don’t think this marriage is going ti last. Amy is a royal pain the a&$. She is a jealous woman. She can’t let go of the past. She’s constantly whining and making constant digs at all the time. Matt and Amy were a toxic mix. Better they are divorced.

        1. I agree with all coments, Amy is always so angry and mean. You took up with Chris, never heard a bad thing from Matt about Chris. Amy get over your attitude and grow up. I think Cargo is great for Matt.

    3. Amy is so negative and hateful, never liked her. She is deceitful even with her children, she makes them choose sides. I still remember when they went on a family outing she had no sympathy for Matt and his disability and then acted disgusted that he tried but could not do the things SHE CHOSE. That is when my opinion of her changed, after that whenever she was on I felt disgusted with her actions. Everything about Matt is negative, get over yourself, be kind, Chris and Matt have a great friendship let them have it, shut up and be happy your whole family wants to be together with all 4 of their parents. Karyn is wonderful, she tries so hard. Because of her husband she has everything most of us only dream of, he took care of her and his kids and did so much even with his disability to give the kids a great experience in life with the farm.

      1. Totally agree.Amy is the most insecure miserable person.She is so hard to watch and listen to on the show .I think the show would be great if she were not on.It definitely wouldn’t be missed .

  2. Amy is very nasty. Chris, you can do better. Amy, will do the same with you. I would not view a show with you aneladinad Amy at all. Stay away!

  3. I’m totally sick of Amy, griping nonstop about the same things over and over and always having to have her way. There were some real red flags with all of her over the top wedding plans. She used to be all sugary with Chris, but now she’s sniping at him. He needs to take heed and head for the hills. She’s insufferable and it will get worse just like it did with Matt.

  4. Amy’s true self is coming out, but I’m sure Chris watched the shows and saw how it was with Matt and her, so it’s not like he doesn’t know and finding out more all the time, I just fast forward when I see that sour face. Tori is so smart and sees that Amy tries to make all about her, loved what she said about how Amy says my wedding

  5. I can remember years ago the nasty digs Amy would give Matt and I would just cringe. Clearly, they were eventually not well matched. I like everyone on the show, I really enjoy Matt, Caryn, Tori, Zack and Kids. Audrey and Jeremy are great, but a bit too “new age” for me but Zack and Tori are more down to earth and less judgemental. The recent Negative comments from Amy are too much! Poor Chris what a fearful control freak she is! Amy needs to learn to be nicer and not so suspicious of everyone or she is going to ruin her new marriage and her stupid friends worrying about Matt saying at the last moment “you can’t use the farm everything is off” strikes me as just stupid! I’ve watched this show since it began and there is not a mean bone in Matt’s body he would never do something like that and I wonder why they think he would be capable of such a thing? I know that Amy would have never been a big enough person to do the same with the farm if the shoe was on the other foot and at this point it does not matter if Matt physically or emotionally cheated on her. She treated Matt like she hated him for years because they grew to be so different! Everyone gets hurt sometimes, THE GOAL IS TO GET BETTER NOT BITTER. I DO FEEL FOR HER,I THINK AMY IS A REALLY GOOD PERSON BUT SHE IS STILL HURTING. I HOPE SHE GETS SOME THERAPY BEFORE SHE RUINS HER SECOND MARRIAGE. CHRIS IS A HAPPY GO LUCKY FREE SPIRIT, IT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS IF CHRIS IS FRIENDS WITH MATT AND IF HE AND MATT WORK WELL TOGETHER IT MAKES IT A LOT EASIER ON THE CHILDREN AND GRAND KIDS. COME ON AMY, I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, GET SOME THERAPY AND MOVE ON! P.S. I WENT THROUGH EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID, SO I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE

  6. I just wonder if Chris Marek is in it for the fame. Not to say he isn’t a nice person, but I can’t think of any other reason he would give up his long standing bachelorhood to marry a sour, nasty, sullen, unpleasant person like Amy.

  7. Oh Chris….you need to grow a pair if you want to survive living with Amy!!! She is nasty unless she gets her way! You are such a great guy, you could do so much better! RUN!

  8. I wish Jeremy & Audrey WERE more “new age” – unfortunately they seem to have developed into a pair of immature, egotistical, holier-than-thou religious extremists

  9. I’m not even at the new season yet, still watching season 21 where Amy has taken years to make decisions and having immense difficulties with her 30 year collection of JUNK (read hoarding) and Matt’s “ultimatums.” Jeeze, are they divorced or NOT?? I understand that Matt was an overbearing husband for years and years and she kind of got bulldozed and swept aside in a lot of the decisions made about their home and property. But for heaven’s sake, TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY for yourself. She focuses on the wrong things, instead of being happy to be engaged and moving into a new home, she’s all about putting the blame on Matt and feeling overwhelmed. Amy needs the team from the Hoarders TV show! All the interviews are getting too much, I fast forward through hers now. Can’t wait to see how bad she gets in season 22 (not)!

  10. from a non-US perspective…. Matt is soooo pushy! in season 19 eps 2 – Amy is asking that she be informed when third party contractors visit the farm for quotes…. A fair request! if some of the unpacked stuff disappear due to theft…. would be interesting if Matt was in Amy’s shoes….
    Matt has ONE standard – his standard …….. starting to fast forward when Matt whines about packing is too slow and … and ….and ….
    Matt, your standard is not perfect and your communication is CRAP
    Hope your kids do not follow you as role model as it is not acceptable internationally …

  11. Yes, Amy is a sour nag most of the time! Matt is a great guy and glad he found a better woman after Amy, as he didn’t deserve Amy’s negative nasty attitude towards him all those years…Matt is also a grrst Dad and Grandad…All the very best Matt and happier dsys for you now.

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