Matt Roloff Dishes On Retirement & Which Kid Will Take Over The Farm

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Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World recently sat down with Alec Lace of First Class Fatherhood. During the interview, Matt and Alec discussed the rumors the family faces, Jacob Roloff’s traumatic memory, and so much more. Something else that came up during the interview is who will be taking over Roloff Farms when it’s time for Matt to retire. This has been something that many fans want to know more about.

Matt Roloff’s plans for retirement

In the interview, Alec mentions a rumor that Matt is going to retire in 2022. In response, Matt laughs and says he doesn’t know where all of these rumors come from. He says, “I do, you know, talk about, only in the context that I wanna reduce the amount of work.” He says that there is “no serious, real talk about retirement, certainly no timeline.”

As Matt gets older, he can’t handle as many of the farm tasks, but he still loves being a part of the farm. It’s unclear when he will have to step away for good, but for now, he’s still keeping up with it all.

Who’s taking over the farm?

Rumors have swirled about who may take over the farm when Matt needs to step away and relax. Some rumors seem to say that Matt has a preference for who will own the farm. In reality, the dad of four would love to see his kids come together and take on various roles to keep the farm running.

He says, “I have no preference on taking over the farm. What I would love to see most, I’m gonna put this on record with you, I would love to see the kids come together and come up with a mixed involvement in taking over the farm.” He thinks that they could “share in the benefits of ownership of the farm.” The family is having those discussions though, and Matt says that they are “complicated.”

Matt adds that Jacob has taken an interest in dirt and compost, so he may be able to use the farm for that purpose.

So, what do you think will happen with the farm when Matt Roloff is ready to step away? Do you think all of the kids will be involved as he hopes? Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch the full video here.

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