Kelly Jo Bates Spends Mother’s Day In The Hospital – Is She Okay?

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Bringing Up Bates mom Kelly Jo isn’t having such a great Mother’s Day. Sadly, she ended up in the hospital when she should be celebrating with her family. What’s going on with the Bates mom, and is she going to be okay?

Kelly Jo Bates is in the hospital.

On social media, as the Bates kids shared Mother’s Day messages dedicated to their mom, a few of them revealed that she’s in the hospital today. In his Instagram post, Trace Bates shared a selfie of himself and his mom. In the photo, she’s in a hospital bed.

Trace writes about how much he loves and appreciates his mom. You can read his full post here. Of course, fans are worrying about Kelly Jo being in the hospital, so that’s what he chose to address at the end of the post. Trace writes:

“I hate so much you are spending this Mother’s Day in the hospital. (Everyone is probably wondering what’s wrong- there’s something on her esophagus causing pain. They are checking for infection and a perforation. So we are waiting to find out what they can do). Just know I’m praying for you and can’t wait till you get out so we can hangout! 🙌🏼 You are so incredible Mom! ❤️❤️”

Carlin Bates Stewart also shared two snaps of herself and her mom in the hospital together. Carlin thanks her followers for the prayers. Then, she writes, “She is so stong and has the sweetest spirit about spending Mother’s Day in the hospital!”

Fans send love and encouragement.

After hearing from the Bates family that Kelly Jo is sick, fans became concerned. They are offering words of encouragement and hope that Kelly Jo recovers soon. They hate that she’s spending the holiday in the hospital. Fortunately, she has her family by her side. They’ll probably celebrate the day properly once she feels better.

Fans are also wishing her a “Happy Mother’s Day.” They admire her and how she has successfully raised her 19 children. Some of them say they strive to be just like her.

Despite being in the hospital, Kelly Jo has also commented on her kids’ posts about her. While she isn’t feeling well, she seems to be doing well enough to be able to spend some time on social media. She’s likely got some downtime between testing and conversations with her doctors.

So, what do you think of the Bates’ kids posts dedicated to Kelly Jo as she’s in the hospital? Let us know in the comments below.

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