Anna Duggar Reportedly Feuding With Josh’s Family Over Recent Arrest

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Anna Duggar is apparently at war with her husband Josh’s family following his recent arrest. A source spoke with The Sunrevealing some details about what’s going on behind the scenes. They claim that she’s keeping her distance from the rest of the family.

The source states that Anna is “in denial and at WAR with her in-laws Jim Bob and Michelle.” They add, “Jim Bob is telling people she is defending Josh and no longer speaking to most of the family. Jim Bob said she blames him and wife Michelle for Josh’s arrest.”

The source also reveals, “Anna feels it all stems from how they dealt with his previous molestation scandal after he assaulted his sisters. She also thinks that this case is a conspiracy theory against her husband set up by the Biden administration. She believes that if Donald Trump was still in power this would not be happening, and refuses to believe he’s done anything wrong.”

For now, Josh is claiming he’s innocent, despite over 200 photos of child sexual abuse content being found on his computers at his car lot during a 2019 raid. He had a detention hearing on Wednesday and is being released on conditions on Thursday. He will stay with a third-party custodian and will not be allowed to see children other than his own kids under Anna’s supervision. His trial is in July. So, at that point, we will find out more about his possible sentencing.

Anna Duggar continues to stand by Josh’s side

Despite the sensitive nature of Josh’s arrest, Anna is standing by him. A source told The Sun that Anna is continuing to support him. Many fans, critics, and people, in general, are urging her to get a divorce to protect herself and the kids. There may be an explanation for her reluctance to leave Josh though. Josh and Anna share six kids and have one more on the way. Their seventh child, a daughter, will arrive in the fall.

At this point, Anna hasn’t shared a statement herself. Other members of the Duggar family have said they are praying for the family and hope the truth comes out.

So, do you believe that Josh Duggar’s arrest is a conspiracy as Anna reportedly does? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. She thinks this is caused by a Biden administration’s conspiracy against her pervert husband and if Trump was in office it wouldnt be happening? My god listen to yourself you hillbilly lunatic. Hes got over 200 pictures of filth with children on his laptop and its Bidens fault? It didnt jusy manifest itself on his computer. I swear to god this woman should not be allowed to have her children. They need to be in foster care. Shes batshit crazy and hes a sick perver. Those poor children. I wonder how many of his little girls were molested by him. Im just sick at my stomach. Somebody wake her up or get those kids away from her and him forever.

    1. I agree. Fact is she’s uneducated and the only thing these girls were raised to do is be a freaking baby factory. Thankfully, some of the Dugger girls are fed and living their own life. Jim Bob and Michelle are freaks.

    2. My thoughts exactly on everything you said. Has CPS interviewed or examined his children. If he did it to his own sisters he is capable of doing it too his children. Kids definitely needs to be taken away since mom can’t protect them.

  2. Possession of child abuse material means he kept them and didn’t report it, it was no accident. Protect the kids from this monster. I would run a mile and strip him of any parental rights. Anna honey wake up before it’s to late, please.

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