Josh Duggar Posts Bail, Where The Heck Can He Legally Stay?!?

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On Thursday, Josh Duggar was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. The judge ordered him to stay away from minors when he appeared in court on Friday. Then, on Wednesday, he had a detention hearing. He ended up being released on bail and is required to follow a specific set of conditions. So, where can he go since he can’t be around children?

Now, Josh is going to stay with a pastor, LaCount Reaver, and his wife, Maria.

While living with LaCount and Maria, Josh will stay in a mother-in-law suite. He will be GPS tracked. A source who was a part of the Zoom hearing shared some details on Reddit, writing:

  • “Mr. Reaver leaves for work at 6:30am and gets home at 4pm
  • Ms. Reaver and her daughter would be alone at home with Josh. The daughter would come and go throughout the day, possibly leaving Ms. Reaver home alone with Josh.

  • Ms. Reaver would be OK being alone with Josh.

  • Wants to be the third party custodian to help the family and ‘minister’ to them.”

The Reaver and Duggar families have known each other for about five years. Though they haven’t been alone with Josh or had one-on-one conversations with him, they are familiar with him and his family.

Per the source on Reddit, Jim Bob Duggar coordinated this. He called the Reavers and asked them to be the third-party custodians. This is temporary until his trial in July. Prior to the Wednesday hearing, LaCount and Maria did not know the severity of Josh’s charges.

You can read more details about LaCount’s and Maria’s questionings during the hearing.

Josh Duggar’s conditions

Josh has to adhere to certain conditions while staying with the Reavers. He cannot see any children except for his own. He also can’t have access to electronic devices, except for a Jitterbug phone. You can read more about his conditions here.

The former TLC star can only see his kids when his wife is present. Since he’s unable to leave the Reavers’ property, Anna and their six children will have to visit him. He can’t see any other children.

If Josh breaks any of the set conditions, the Reavers will be required to report him to the authorities, he may pay a fine, and he will go to jail.

So, are you surprised that Josh Duggar was granted bail? What do you think of the third-party arrangements? Let us know in the comments below.

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