Josh Duggar Allegations: 200 Sexually Abused & Naked Photos Of Minors

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On Wednesday, Josh Duggar appeared in court and the allegations against him were made public. The former TLC star was originally arrested last Thursday for the possession of child pornography. After this hearing, we learned just how bad it actually is. As more information about his arrest and charges comes out, it seems to get worse and worse. Fans, critics, and anyone else following this case is horrified by the latest details.

Initially, it was reported that Josh was in possession of 65 images, but now, that number has grown to 200. It’s unclear whether 200 is the final number, but the number is shocking. It’s possible that it will only continue to grow.

During the hearing, authorities stated that they had confiscated Josh’s cell phone and two computers. They found child sexual abuse content on his computer, which included children as young as 18 months old. There were both videos and pictures discovered. Josh pled not guilty and says that he’s innocent. He argues that he needs to be at home with his pregnant wife. Now, he’s being released on bail and will not be able to go home. He can, however, see his kids with his wife’s supervision.

The authorities were able to track down Josh’s computers with his IP address. They traced it back to him back in May 2019, and that’s when the investigation first began.

Twitter reacts to allegations against Josh Duggar

On Twitter, many people are voicing their opinions about the hearing and all of the information that came out against Josh. Here’s what some Twitter users had to say:

  • “Just when you thought that Josh Duggar couldn’t get any more evil, he takes it to a whole other level. Lock him up for a very long time.”
  • “This is about protecting his siblings & kids now. Anna don’t you dare let him see your kids!!!”
  • “He’s been groomed to be an arrogant narcissist & never held accountable or experienced consequences.”

Others call the whole situation “disgusting” and “disappointing.” They don’t know how he’s not locked up right now and hope that justice is served if he’s proven guilty.

Are you surprised to hear that the number is growing? What do you think is next for Josh Duggar following these allegations? Let us know in the comments below.

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