‘Live PD’ Is It Coming Back? Some People Think So

Live PD making a return

Shockingly, after only four seasons Live PD went off the air. Members of Live PD Nation were shocked and disappointed, to say the least. At the time, the return of the docu-series seemed pretty bleak since the cancellation came during “ongoing protests against police brutality.” However, it seems that things may have taken a turn for the better. Keep reading to find out if Live PD is making a return. 

One of Live PD‘s original police agencies in discussions about returning to the show

WLTX News19 a CBS news affiliate out of Columbia, South Carolina reports earlier today (April 28) that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) may return to the show. According to WLTX, Sheriff Leon Lott told local group, the Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber at breakfast recently that the “department could be on Live PD once again.”  

Furthermore, WLTX reaches out to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s public information officers for more details. Surprisingly, they oblige and confirm that RCSD is indeed in negotiations about returning to the show. However, it appears that this comment is made with the caveat that nothing about the return of Live PD is set in stone. 

Will another South Carolina police department join in the discussions?

Interestingly enough, before Live PD went off the air, RCSD was one of (if not the only) police agency to remain with the production since it began. According to Sheriff Lott, the national exposure “improves the perception of his department and allows officers to better connect with the community.” From the looks of recently promoted Cpt. Danny Brown’s TikTok, it has improved the morale of the sheriff’s deputies too.

Additionally, Live PD Nation may remember that there was another South Carolina Sheriff’s Department on the show. Unfortunately, the Berkeley Count Sheriff’s Office hasn’t released any statements about whether or not they’re in discussions with Live PD producers or not.

While it seems like there are still a lot of details up in the air about the return of Live PD, there is one of significant concern. WLTX reports that the show’s partnership with A&E is over. Consequently, there are no reports about what network the show may go to. However, WLTX speculates that Live PD may go to a streaming service. 

Fans weigh in with their opinions

From the looks of Twitter, it seems that Live PD fans are ready for the show to return. However, they also seem pretty leary about A&E Network. One fan even proclaims that the network should “give everyone an apology.”

What are your thoughts about the potential of Live PD making a return? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality television news.  

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  1. Live PD can’t return soon enough to suit me!!!! I have LOVED the show since the very beginning. My personal feeling is that those that dislike the show are the anti police criminal element and they dislike it because it proves something I have always known…LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ARE HUMAN, THEY FEEL THE SAME PAIN AND HEARTBREAK CIVILIANS FEEL. THEIR BIGGEST DESIRE IS TO SERVE AND PROTECT…BACK THE BLUE!!!! And no I am not and have never been law enforcement nor have any of my family. Infact I spent 28 year’s as a long haul truck driver and the two groups are supposed to HATE each other…..I say BACK THE BLUE and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!

  2. I hope they bring it back. I MISS IT and all of the MEN and WOMEN in BLUE. I BACK THE BLUE. Thank you all for your SERVICE and SACRIFICES.

  3. I really hope they bring the show back, I always looked forward to seeing it. Its a shame that every thing has to be sugar coated, so someone out there won’t be offended!!

  4. Don’t understand why Live PD was taken off the air! You fucking people are so wrapped up in not facing realities of the real world. I hope that Live PD returns but not on the stupid fucking A&E,

  5. I watched it from a totally different perspective than the “back the blue” crowd. I respect cops that deserve respect just like I do any other person, and call out the ones that don’t deserve my respect. Most of the interactions on the show were good, but you definitely could see some questionable stuff from a Constitutional standpoint.

  6. I hope they will bring back live PD I like the show.the police officer our to protect us from bad guys.,.

  7. We need Live PD to help take back the message from the Politically Correct mob. We need Live PD to give law enforcement a voice.

  8. I loved it. I want it back, now ! There are millions more (all races) that are law abiding citizens and back the blue. More than the few people who want trouble

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