‘OutDaughtered’ What Did Riley Busby Do To Get Stitches?

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With six little girls running around, someone is bound to take a trip to the emergency room sooner or later. In the upcoming episode of OutDaughtered, Busby fans get to see what lands Riley in the emergency room. Keep reading to find out what Riley Busby did to get staples.

OutDaughtered Adam Busby shares first photos of a quint in the emergency room

So, OutDaughtered fans that follow Adam Busby on Instagram, may already be privy to the information about Riley and her staples. The doting dad of six seemingly shares Riley’s whole procedure on Instagram. Which confuses some fans since Adam and Danielle seem so keen on respecting Danielle’s privacy about her health.

In the trailer TLC releases ahead of a new episode of OutDaughtered, viewers get an inside peek into what lands Riley in the emergency room getting staples.  The clip begins with Parker saying she wants to see. Danielle examines the back of Riley’s head. The mother of six advises Riley’s siblings that they can see. Danielle points out “that silver thing” and explains that it’s a staple. Sweet Hazel proclaims that it’s “scary.”

Riley explains to her sisters how she got a staple in her head

While it is sad that Riley Busby gets a staple in her head, it is adorable to watch her explain how it happened. Notably, she does a great job of explaining how she got into this predicament. “It’s not good to dance in Mom and Daddy’s bathroom…I made a hole in my head,” shares the five-year-old. Remarkably, it seems like she’s taking responsibility for her actions. Riley even shares, “No more dancing in bathtubs for me.” Not only was she dancing in the tub, but she also shares she “wanted to show Hazel and Parker a show.” One of the resident Busby ballerina’s, Hazel chimes in with “ballerina dance.”

OutDaughtered Riley Busby staple
Instagram Adam Busby

It doesn’t seem like a trip to the emergency room phases Riley Busby. At the dinner table, she explains the procedure to her sisters. She says, “They squeezed it to connect, and they put a staple in.” When Danielle asks Riley if she cried, Riley says she did. Riley wasn’t the only one that cried. Danielle shares that when Adam sent her a picture of Riley with a tear in her eye, it made her emotional. However, looking at the silver lining, Danielle points out that they have six kids and this is their first ER visit.

Adam Busby Gives Update On Riley’s Head Wound

Does it surprise you that Riley Busby is the first quint to go to the ER? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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