Did Anna Duggar Violate Jinger’s Privacy With This Photo Of Her Kids?

Anna Duggar Instagram, Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Wait, did Anna Duggar cross a boundary with her sister-in-law Jinger Vuolo? It looks that way. In a new social media post, Anna seemingly shows that she doesn’t care about Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s decision to give their kids a private life.

What has Jinger Vuolo said about her kids’ privacy?

Recently, fans noticed that Jinger and Jeremy were no longer sharing photos of their two daughters, Felicity and Evangeline, on social media. Now when they share photos of the kids, their faces aren’t visible. There have been very few photos of the girls on social media, which prompted some concerns.

For a while, Jinger and Jeremy ignored these questions. In a recent Q&A session, Jinger finally explained their decision. The Duggar daughter wrote:

“The girls are doing great! Felicity is absolutely smitten by her little sister and Evy adores Felicity. You haven’t seen much of them simply because we are wanting to give them a bit more privacy while they’re so young. We appreciate how you love and support our family. It means so much to us! Thanks for asking.”

While Jinger and Jeremy seem to be standing by their decision, a certain family member has seemingly disrespected them.

Anna Duggar shares new photo of girl cousins, including Felicity & Evangeline

On Instagram Saturday, Anna posted a photo of the youngest girl cousins on the Duggar family. The photo features the following kids:

  • Evangeline (Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo)
  • Felicity (Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo)
  • Ivy (Ben and Jessa Seewald)
  • Addison (Joe and Kendra Duggar)
  • Bella (Josiah and Lauren Duggar)
  • Maryella (Josh and Anna Duggar)
  • Gracie (John and Abbie Duggar)
  • Evelyn (Joy and Austin Forsyth)
  • Brooklyn (Joe and Kendra Duggar)

Anna writes, “9 girl cousins in a row, and we are adding one more this fall… I’m more curious than ever if @jessaseewald is having a boy or girl! 💙🎀”

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Though this is a sweet photo of the nine newest granddaughters, Felicity and Evangeline are in the photo. This is shocking since Jinger and Jeremy have stopped sharing photos of their daughters.

On Friday, Anna shared the exciting news that she and her husband Josh are expecting their seventh child, a daughter. Jessa is also pregnant, but she hasn’t shared the baby’s gender publicly and likely won’t until the baby arrives this summer. It will be interesting to see if this streak continues.

So, do you think Anna Duggar had permission to share this photo of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s daughters? Do you think she has poor intentions? Let us know in the comments below.

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