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Josie Bates Opens Up About Scary Health Condition During Pregnancy

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Bringing Up Bates fans may know that several of the daughters deal with a genetic clotting disorder during pregnancy. Now, Josie Bates is opening up about her own health during pregnancy and revealed that she has the same issue.

Josie Bates deals with blood-clotting disorder during pregnancy

On her Instagram stories, Josie gave fans an opportunity to ask her questions. A few fans asked about Josie’s pregnancy. She and her husband Kelton Balka are expecting their second daughter. Their daughter Willow Kristy is almost two years old. Josie is currently 29 weeks along in her pregnancy with the new baby girl. They recently shared that they’re naming her Hazel Sloane.

One fan asks, “Do you have the same blood clotting disorder as your sisters?” Josie replied, “Yes, we found out at the beginning of this pregnancy that I have the genetic clotting disorders that some of my sisters have.”

Another fan asks a follow-up question, writing, “Do you take shots everyday for blood clotting disorder?” Josie responded, “I started shots when they found the clotting disorders but I have allergic reactions to it so I now take a blood thinner and folic acid but it is not the shots.”

Which Bates sisters have the same disorder?

Previously, Gil Bates talked about how Tori Smith has a clotting disorder that affects her during pregnancy. This is the same clotting disorder that Carlin Stewart and Erin Paine have. Though it’s unclear whether Alyssa Webster has the clotting disorder, she does have difficult pregnancies and a heart condition.

Notably, both Tori and Josie had no issues with their first pregnancies but found out about the disorder in their second pregnancies. It seems like the symptoms of the disorder didn’t appear until after their first pregnancies. So, it may cause complications in some of Josie’s future pregnancies, or she may have no signs at all. The condition also has the possibility of causing miscarriages. After Josie had Willow and before she got pregnant with Hazel, she had a miscarriage.

Fortunately, Josie’s pregnancy seems to be going smoothly and the disorder appears to be under control with the alternative medication after her allergic reaction. Fans are excited to “meet” Baby Hazel in a couple of months.

So, are you surprised that Josie Bates has the same blood clotting disorder that her sisters do in pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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