Jeremy Vuolo’s ‘Harmful’ Biblical Teachings Exposed In Sermon Clips

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Jeremy Vuolo of TLC’s Counting On is studying to be a pastor, so many of his sermon clips are available to watch online. Recently, a few “dangerous” videos of Jeremy were shared, causing Duggar fans to question him and his beliefs. Now, he’s being slammed for what he’s previously preached about.

In a series of Instagram posts, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball has shared bits and pieces of Jeremy’s sermons. You can find them all on her page.

In her posts, Katie points out that Jeremy is “homophobic,” “racist,” and has other harmful beliefs.

In the caption of one of Katie’s posts, she writes, “In May 2018, Jeremy Vuolo told his congregation that people who give into their s*xuality or want freedom in s*xuality – will experience God’s wrath & be condemned.”

Another post from Katie features a similar sermon from Jeremy. In response to the clip, Katie writes, “Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo called church’s and pastors that support same sex marriage cowardly under the influence of demonic forces.”


Duggar fans react after seeing sermon clips from Jeremy Vuolo

In the comments section of one of Jeremy’s latest posts, he’s getting some backlash. A few of his followers are talking about the exposed videos of him preaching.

Many of his followers are discussing the comments he made about the Hispanic and Latin cultures. One Instagram user writes, “I am not very familiar with your faith, but you judging my culture, I have a problem with that. Maybe next time think before you talk, I am sure you would not like it if anyone talked you your Italian culture.” They also ask for a refund after purchasing Jinger and Jeremy’s new book.

One of his followers points out the dangerous messages he’s shared about mental illness. The fan asks, “Always loved you guys but I think I must have misunderstood. You don’t really believe mental health is the devil and not an illness do you?”

So far, it doesn’t look like Jeremy is going to address these comments. While he may argue that the clips are old, fans are still going to ask him about them. At this point, he hasn’t come out and said that he believes differently.

So, are you surprised to hear these words from Jeremy Vuolo in his sermon clips? Do you think differently of him now? Let us know in the comments below.

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