‘Sister Wives’ Season 16: Renewed Or Canceled By TLC?

Sister Wives Season 16 Renewal

Season 15 of Sister Wives comes to an end tonight. Throughout this season viewers watch as things get more tumultuous between Kody and Meri Brown. Not only that, be it still seems uncertain about what will become of the Coyote Pass property. Everyone is navigating these issues all while dealing with COVID-19. However, fans still want to know if TLC is picking Sister Wives up for a Season 16. Keep reading to find out more.

The fate of Sister Wives has been bleak before

Sister Wives fans may remember that the show was in renewal jeopardy after Season 11. Consequently, In Touch  reports in 2018 that this is because of “dismal ratings.’ However, according to the source, Kody was able to gain another chance by “renegotiating the salaries for him and his wives.”  Notably, the renegotiations are drastic. A source reveals that the family’s pay went from $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 total. By this logic, it is uncertain how Sister Wives holds on for an additional three seasons.

Rightfully so, loyal Sister Wives fans are concerned that their beloved series may not get a renewal. Traditionally, Kody wives let subtle hints slip at some point during the season, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to the fate of Season 16.

Furthermore, if TLC keeps on trend, they won’t announce a new season until a few weeks prior to the premiere. For example, they announce Season 15 on January 21st, and the new season premieres on February 14th. Another recent trend with TLC is their adoption of the once-a-year schedule. If that stays true, Season 16 of Sister Wives won’t come around until February 2022.


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Someone lets Sister Wives Season 16 news slip

Luckily for Sister Wives fans, it seems that someone from the show let the fate of Season 16 slip. According to CheatSheet, the slip came from Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti. In an Instagram Live that has since been deleted, Mykelti shares some news that makes a Sister Wives renewal sound very promising.

During her Instagram Live, fans ask Mykelti questions. Of note, she mentions that the family filmed the birth of her daughter, Avalon. Assumably, since the airing of new episodes is a year behind, fans won’t get to see this during Season 15. However, it seems that Mykelti is sure that Season 16 is in the works.


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Do you think there is enough Sister Wives drama to make for a Season 16? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Tune into TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news. Tune in to TLC tonight at 9 PM EST for the Season 15 finale.

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  1. Stop the madness! I was initially hoping to see and learn something from watching this polygamous family on television but all I’ve seen is manipulation. Jody is an absent father and and absent husband and what seems to be the only concern of his is the legacy he leaves behind. He has said time and time again that his “image” is being somehow hurt by things his wives do or say. Kody wants us to believe everything is good to go happy go lucky but in all honesty he runs from house to house or bed to bed to keep from actually having to deal with issues. Watching the show he, time after time, walks out in the middle or beginning of conversations that need to be had. You can’t have a good relationship without communication and it seems he thinks his lack of presense will fix the issue. My issue is not the religion definitely not any of his wives, my issue is the fact that Kody is a narcissistic, controlling, self-centered, FAKE. If Logan adopts a polygamous lifestyle and has wives and many kids I would like to see the show picked up with him. Logan is a sweetheart, Kody just doesn’t deserve to be the face of polygamy.

  2. This show needs to just END. They beat a dead horse so much there is nothing left and they still try to beat it more. I’m so over this toxic frustrating family. It is boring. No one likes moving so why do we want to watch it. TLC is becoming the Toxic Low Content Chanel or Toxic Lame Chanel that only cares about promoting abuse! This family is full of crap and doesn’t even believe in their lifestyle anymore. I am so sick of them. Kody is a disgusting turd IMO and Robyn is manipulative and took everything from this family and sits back living in a nearly million dollar home and the other wives have no home or an RV. Where is the balance? They have turned into materialistic trash and I’m over it. I will not watch another episode and I will complain to any person paying to advertise on that show. Enough is enough. I don’t care if Robyn is pregnant any more. I don’t care about them filming Mykelti’s birth we know Avalon is HERE. What more is there to see when we know the outcomes? It’s such boring crap and Robyns fake crying it’s done. I hate this show with a passion now and the fact they keep trying to force it is ridiculous. When is TLC going to be innovative or come up with new ideas? This is Toxic Lame Channel.

  3. Well, you see the beauty of television today is this. You can TURN YOUR DAMN T.V. OFF OR CHANGE THE CHANNEL. You do not have to watch it and you do not have the right to speak for the rest of us. Yes, I agree, Robyn’s fake crying and ALWAYS crying is bloody annoying. Robyn is the reason I have slowed down watching it. I can’t stand her. She had come into this family only to destroy it. I cant’ stand how she manipulated her way into the only “legal” marriage. What a piece of trash she is. Anyway, TLC needs to get her out. YOU need to turn your t.v. off or change your channel.

  4. I love Sister Wives and I hope it will return for another season. I think the only way the show can end without leaving everyone hanging on as to what happens to the family . If Meri and Christine leave, it remains to be seen what will happen to Janell. I think Cody is done and wants to spend the rest of his life with Robin. Robin makes like she feels bad for the other sisters but secretly it’s what she wants too.

  5. It was interesting at first. What seemed like real friendships between the women was admirable. As time went on Cody became more and more selfish and really seems to begin to attempt to make decisions without input from any of the wives. He caused a lot of any of the division between them. And the way he treated Mary after she got the divorce so he could adopt Robin’s children –well, no wonder she felt the way she did. That is my take and why I quit watching.

  6. The show should go on WITHOUT ROBYN. It’s no secret that she is hated by the majority of viewers. Yes, Robyn is the reason I have slowed down watching it. Her fake ALWAYS crying is hard to take. She annoys me so much. Get her off the show and watch the family begin to thrive again. If Cory wants to be with her so badly, let him go and the other 3 wives should find a new polygamous hubby. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Most of all, get RID OF ROBYN or the show will never survive. What a piece of home wrecking trash she is. I can’t stand her.

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