Todd & Chase Chrisley Show Savannah Support In Business Endeavor

Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chase Chrisley Support Sassy by Savannah

On April 15, Savannah Chrisley’s Sassy by Savannah makeup line had a successful restock. Without a doubt, two of her biggest supporters are her dad, Todd Chrisley, and her brother, Chase Chrisley. Heartwarmingly, some of the men of Chrisley Knows Best took to their Instagram to share their support for Savannah. Keep reading to find out more.

Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley shows support for Savannah

Notably, there was some tension about the upcoming product restock. Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley shares some of her concerns when she fills in for her dad on the Chrisley Confessions podcast. For a long time, Savannah was leary to announce a specific date. Already a successful businesswoman, she shares why there wasn’t an exact date. ‘”I don’t want to give an exact date because I was supposed to launch stuff in March and it didn’t happen because of shipping delays.”

On the day of the restock, Todd Chrisley takes to Instagram to dote on his daughter. He captions a sultry headshot of Savannah with the following. “I am so proud of you Sassy!!” While the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch has plenty of reasons to be proud of his middle daughter, he shares why he is particularly proud. “Half of your products are GONE within 45 minutes of launching! God is good!”


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Furthermore, Todd Chrisley addresses a problem with Sassy by Savannah. Of all the product problems a business person could have, this doesn’t seem that bad. Fans love this cosmetics line and it regularly sells out. “But… we’re going to have to increase inventory at this rate,” suggests Todd. In closing of his post, he encourages people to go purchase some Sassy by Savannah products.

Chase Chrisley helps with marketing

Next, showing his support in his own way, Chase Chrisley also takes to Instagram. However, his post seems more of a marketing ploy than a shout out to his sister. Chase calls for the ladies of his 1.2 million Instagram followers to get their hands on some Sassy by Savannah. His caption proclaims that “New Lip Kits and Face pallets [sic] are available now!!!” From the looks of it Savannah responds from the Sassy by Savannah page with “I LOVE YOU!!!!” and Chase’s girlfriend, Emmy even drops four flame emojis on the post.


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Undoubtedly, the Chrisley bunch is a close-knit family. However, surely the support and kudos are appreciated. Are you going to try and get some Sassy by Savannah products? Let us know in the comment section below.

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