‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Defends His Anger On Twitter

Sister Wives Kody Brown anger

For Season 15 of Sister Wives, fans have the bonus of Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown tweeting along with the episodes while they watch them. Kody Brown explains early in the season that this is a safe way for the family to interact with their fans. One thing is for certain about Kody’s tweets, it’s that he is very serious about COVID-19 safety. During the most recent episode of the show, he takes to Twitter to defend his anger. Keep reading to find out what has Kody so riled up this time.

Sister Wives Kody Brown defends his anger on Twitter

Notably, Sister Wives viewers have no qualms about calling Kody out about his behavior. While it’s easy to defer to how the show portrays him treating Meri and Christine, that doesn’t seem to be the only thing going on here. For example, viewers recognize a noticeably shift in Kody’s attitude. Apparently, he is made aware of their observation and takes to Twitter to explain.

True to Kody’s ways, he calls it as he sees it. This includes not having a filter. “I realize that I am very intense in these interviews,” begins the tweet. There’s no doubt that the man is honest. He continues, “I’m angry!” However, is his anger warranted? He goes on to explain what has him so riled up. “I have got so much criticism from so many for how I have handled Covid etiquette and behavior,” share the Sister Wives patriarch. “It has been a different kind of ‘hard’ on relationships,” concludes Kody on this topic.

Sister Wives patriarch has a request for his Twitter followers

Later in the episode, he makes another tweet. This time, Kody Brown has a request for viewers. “I’ve been sequestered for over 1 year,” he tweets. Then he goes on to give an analogy to try and explain what he’s going through. He shares that being sequestered is “Like living in a penal colony.” “I’m in the dark and fed a lot of bull.” Then, he makes his request. “Be empathetic.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like his Twitter followers are willing to grant him that request. Several comments made mention of how he treats Meri. Other comments point out that it is “all about Kody.” One comment in particular sums up the general feeling of all of the comments. “I feel nothing for him. Those kids, absolute sadness for him.”

Do you think Sister Wives Kody Brown is “intense” in interviews? Or do you just think he’s “full of himself” Let us know in the comment section below? Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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