Lizzie’s Heritage Inn Touching Tribute To ‘Sister Wives’ Grandma Bonnie

Sister Wives Lizzie's Heritage Inn Grandma Bonnie Meri Brown

Heartbreakingly, at the end of March, Sister Wives Meri Brown shares on Instagram that her mom, Bonnie passed away. Just 17 days after her 76th birthday, Grandma Bonnie died. At this time, there still aren’t details about what happened. On her Instagram, Meri shares some nondescript details. “She left us suddenly, unexpected, and extremely way too soon and I literally don’t know how I’m going to do the rest of my life without her,” writes the heartbroken daughter. It seems like Grandma Bonnie was the type of woman that “to know her is to love her.” Not only do her family members share touching tributes, but visitors to Meri’s bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Keep reading to find out more about what the inn patrons have to say about Meri’s mom.

Sister Wives Meri Brown and Grandma Bonnie’s family connection to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

Interestingly, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is rich in history before Sister Wives Meri Brown and Grandma Bonnie. The inn was built in 1870 by Charles and Sarah Adams. Also, this year, the inn is celebrating its sesquicentennial. Furthermore, their website mentions that Meri Brown is the “owner and great-great-grandaughter of the original owners.”

Notably, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn has rave reviews. While fans may wonder if they’ll see Meri during their stay, it doesn’t seem like they will. However, many of the reviews sing Bonnie’s praises. The Lizzie’s Heritage Inn Instagram wants to know more. Keep reading to find out what guests of the inn have to say.

Grandma Bonnie beloved by all

A representative from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn takes to Instagram to pay tribute to Grandma Bonnie and make a special request. “We would like to thank everyone for all the incredibly kind words and love sent our way during this hard time,” begins the post. The inn goes on to share their gratitude. “We love and appreciate you all so very much!” They follow that by sharing a sweet sentiment about Bonni. “Bonnie loved each and every person who she had the pleasure to meet and truly enjoyed living out her final years in her family home,” shares the inn’s Instagram.

Next, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn makes a special request. “Her joyful presence will forever be missed. If you have any special moments with Bonnie you’d like to share, please comment them in the comments below!” At the time of this writing, there aren’t any stories in the post’s comment section. However, everyone shares their condolences with Meri and Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Did you ever get to meet Grandma Bonnie at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.


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