Is ‘Sister Wives’ Baby Evie A Fashionista In The Making?

Sister Wives Evie Fashionista

Sister Wives Janelle Brown dotes on her granddaughter, Evie in a recent Instagram post. Janelle gives an adorable back story behind the photo she stole from her daughter, Maddie Brush. Keep reading to find out if Evie is going to be a fashionista in the future.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown dotes on her future fashionista daughter, Evie

Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown takes to Instagram to share some adorableness of her granddaughter, Evie. In the caption, she admits that she took the screenshot from her daughter, Maddie Brush. Next, she gives the back story on the precious swimsuit the toddler is wearing. “Fun back story – I was with them when they were shopping for this,” writes the doting grandma. “Evie seriously was standing next to the rack looking at the suits, pushing one aside, and looking at the next,” continues Janelle.

However, the cuteness doesn’t stop there. “She stopped when she saw this one and picked it!” details Janelle. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be any mystery about where Evie learns this behavior. “Copying mom’s actions or natural born shopper?! I don’t know. She definitely has an opinion though, and can express it,” continues Janelle. She also shares she’s “going with the shopping thing.”


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Maddie Brown shares childhood differences between her and her children

Evie’s mom gives a different spin on the beach day. For starters, her kids love the beach more than she did growing up. “I was never one for the beach growing up. I LOVED mountain lakes, mountains, camping forests and fishing,” explains Maddie Brush. She goes on to highlight how different her kids are from her. “I then birthed two beach junkies who ask EVERYDAY if we can go to the beach.”

However, Maddie is a great mother and she does whatever she can to ensure her children’s happiness (even if one is a budding fashionista). “I’m learning to love it, but they already do. It’s always fun watching them play in the sand, watch the surfers and play in the water.”


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Like almost always, fans take to the comment section to ask about Evie’s prosthesis. “Does the prostheses work ok in the water? Love your posts,” asks a follower. Maddie responds with, “yes. Not waterproof but water-resistant. I’ll post a story soon. It’s been a frequently asked question,” writes the mother of two. Ultimately, this only highlights how committed Maddie is to being an advocate for Evie and helping others learn about FATCO syndrome.

Do you think Evie is going to grow up and be a fashionista? Let us know in the comment section below. Tune in to Season 15 of Sister Wives on TLC Sundays at 10 PM EST. As always, come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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