Myrka Cantu Hints At Falling Out With Ethan’s Mother

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Did Myrka Cantu have a falling out with Ethan’s mom, Michelle? She gave some clues to the alleged falling out on Instagram earlier this week. What do we know about what happened between Michelle and Myrka? 

Ethan’s Parents Took Myrka In After Pregnancy 

Fans of TLC’s Unexpected first met Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra during Season 4. At the time, Myrka was 15, pregnant and kicked out of her mother’s home. (Or so the show implied – more on that later.) 

Ethan’s parents, Michelle and Charlie Ybarra, stepped up and let Myrka stay with them. In fact, Michelle drove Myrka to the hospital when she went into labor. Though Myrka gave birth almost a year ago, it is just now airing on the show. See the recent photos Myrka shared of her growing girl here. 

Myrka became very close with Ethan’s mom, Michelle. During an Instagram Live Q&A, Myrka said they haven’t spoken in a while. Needless to say, fans were shocked and asked several more questions about the situation. 

To her credit, Myrka didn’t give many details, saying it would be “rude” to talk about it right now.

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Myrka Cantu Implies She Never Stopped Speaking to Her Mother 

In one of her answers, the Unexpected star reveals that Michelle also kicked her out. Furthermore, Ethan’s mom doesn’t make an effort to see her grandchild, Myrka said. However, she did reveal that Ethan’s dad, Charlie, is still involved with baby Attalie’s life. 

Distractify reports that Ethan’s parents split up around the same time Myrka and Michelle had a falling out. 

If Ethan’s mom, Michelle, isn’t in her life, Myrka still has a mother figure. Her own mother! Despite what it seemed on the show, Myrka claims they never lost touch. 

During her Q&A, Myrka alluded to unhappiness with TLC for how her story has been portrayed. In another recent Q&A with fans, Myrka revealed that she won’t return for another season. 

Fans noticed Myrka’s displeasure with the show and asked why she’s still on it. She revealed that she’s under contract and doesn’t have a choice. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Unexpected Star Promises to Reveal Details Eventually 

Myrka Cantu spilled droplets of hot tea for Unexpected fans. But she couldn’t spill too much. At least not yet. 

She responded to several requests for details by telling her followers to be patient. The Tell-All later this season will reveal some of the details about what went down with Michelle. Myrka promised fans that she will give additional details after the Tell-All, too. 

Based on TLC’s schedule, it seems Season 4 of Unexpected wraps up on April 19. The Tell-All will likely air this month. 

Are you surprised that Myrka had a falling out with Ethan’s mom? What about her claims that she never stopped speaking to her own mother? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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