Is Claire Spivey’s Mother Hilary Obsessed With Jason Duggar?

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Counting On fans love to discuss all the Duggar children and their marriages. This isn’t any different for Justin Duggar and his new bride, Claire Spivey. One Duggar/Bates Instagram fan page takes things to the next level. @duggarbates_confessions lets people send their thoughts anonymously. Recently, a fan writes in to share why they think Jana Duggar is still single. Keep reading to find out what an anonymous poster has to say about Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey.

Duggar/Bates Instagram Fanpage speculates that Hilary Spivey is obsessed with Jason Duggar

A recent post on @duggarbates_confessions makes an interesting speculation. The photo is from Justin and Claire’s wedding. The caption reads, “I think that Claire’s mom secretly wished her daughter married Jason instead of Justin. People take to the comments to share their thoughts on this speculation.

One person writes, “I think they walked together in the wedding party, everyone chill lol.” While another comment reads, “I think they were in opposite roles in the wedding and Jason is friends with her sons so she has a good, healthy relationship with him.”

Ultimately, it seems that @duggarbates_confessions is losing credibility with its following. One comment reads, “These comments need a chill pill jeez! Can’t ya’ll take a joke?” Another comment inquires the following. “Who is coming up with the crap this is crazy.” Other intermingled comments mirror the sentiment that they are leaving the Duggar/Bates Instagram fan page.

Not obsessed, but not opposed?

Interestingly enough, InTouch Weekly recently reports that Claire Spivey’s mom, Hilary is against her other daughter courting Jason Duggar. However, it doesn’t seem that it’s because she doesn’t like Jason, it’s because her daughter is “too young.”

Notably, Jason Duggar is still hanging around the Spivey house. In an Instagram post, Hilary lends some insight into why Jason Duggar is still spending time at her home. As one commenter on the Duggar/Bates Instagram page points out, Jason is friends with one of the Spivey sons. In her post, Hilary writes, “After a tough week of adjusting to Claire being gone.. this guy walked through the back door Friday night. What a surprise. We love you, Jason!”

In the comments, one person asks if Hilary is “Possibly arranging something with [her] other daughter?” Luckily, Hilary clears the air. “We would love to have Jason in our fam but no, our gal is too young,” replies the mother of six. According to her, Jason is already part of the family. “We do say that he is part of the family now that Justin and Claire are married. Friends come and go, but family is forever.”

Do you think Jason will end up with Claire Spivey’s little sister? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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