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New Photo Of Jedidiah Duggar & Katey Nakatsu Leaked Before Wedding

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Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar’s wedding is rumored to be happening on Saturday, April 3. A new photo is now public, seemingly proving the rumors about his upcoming nuptials.

What do we know about Jedidiah Duggar’s wedding?

As TV Shows Acpreviously reported, Jedidiah is rumored to be engaged to a woman named Katey Nakatsu. Per the wedding invitation, it should be happening on Saturday, April 3. The wedding will be live-streamed, but it’s likely that there will still be some guests in attendance. There is speculation that the wedding is going to be on Counting On, which would explain why the family isn’t talking about it. It’s also suspected that TLC will only film the wedding if it meets coronavirus guidelines.

Most of the information so far has come from Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball. A source close to the family shares details with her. In addition, one of Jedidiah’s friends is talking about the wedding. He was silenced after answering a few questions, and it’s assumed the Duggars asked him to take his social media posts down.

Katie Joy / Without a Crystal Ball Instagram
Katie Joy / Without a Crystal Ball Instagram

New photo leaked

On her Instagram page, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared a photo of the couple. It’s possible that the photo is from the wedding rehearsal, which would have happened on Friday when the photo was shared. It doesn’t look like the picture comes from the couple’s engagement video or photos because their outfits are not the same.

As more photos and details come out about Jedidiah and Katey’s wedding, it seems more and more likely that the rumors are true. Katey’s family shared the proposal video on their blog too, adding more evidence of the relationship and upcoming wedding. Still, the Duggars are staying silent about this wedding.

In the caption of her photo, Katie explains, “New photo leak of Jed & Katey. Their wedding is at 2 pm CST. The Duggars are also inviting all guests to attend Easter Services with them on Sunday.”

Katie Joy / @WithoutaCrystalBall
Katie Joy / @WithoutaCrystalBall

While the wedding isn’t confirmed by the Duggar family, it’s looking more and more likely that it’s going to happen.

So, do you believe what you know about the wedding so far? What are your thoughts about the new picture of the couple? Let us know in the comments below.

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