Concerned Fan Urges ‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown To Go To The Doctor

'Sister Wives' Robyn Brown health concern

While Sister Wives Robyn Brown may not be as active on Instagram as Meri, Janelle, and Christine, fans can catch up with her regularly on Twitter. Usually, Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn tweet along with the most recent episode of the show while it is airing. In a recent tweet, Robyn shares how she tried to make birthdays special for the younger kids during quarantine. However, one fan posts a concerning comment. Keep reading to find out if anything is wrong with Robyn.  

Sister Wives Robyn Brown makes headlines with health concerns in 2019

Notably, this isn’t the first time someone points something out about Sister Wives Robyn Brown’s health. In September 2019, concerns arise that Robyn may be pregnant or sick. Part of the speculation comes from the fact that Robyn doesn’t regularly post on social media like the other sister wives. 

Next, there are concerns about a health issue. Media outlets mention that she’s gained a lot of what and has some “breathing issues.” One of the Brown children, Aspyn, confirms that Robyn is sick. When she graduates she comments that Robyn “was really sad to miss it but woke up feeling terrible. She celebrated with all of us later.” 

A concerned fan urges the fourth wife to go to the doctor in a recent tweet

Sadly, that isn’t the last of the health concerns that fans have for Robyn Brown. In the reply portion of one of her recent tweets, a viewer shares some alarming observations about Robyn. The comment is very personable and goes as follows. “Hey Robin [sic], I was worried about your thyroid… have you seen a doctor? Your neck looks swollen to me Idk if anyone else has said something about it to you? Please get it checked sweetie,” urges the fan. Unfortunately, no one responds to this well-meaning fan. 

However, this sort of observation made by a reality television fan isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In 2015, Today reports about how a fan alerts HGTV’s Flip or Flop Tarek El Moussa to his thyroid cancer. Notably, the incident came in 2013. While watching a marathon of Flip or Flop, registered nurse, Ryan Read “spotted a lump on Tarek’s neck and contacted the show’s producers to suggest he get it checked out. 

In an interview with Today, Reade shares how the revelation came about. “I noticed that at certain angles, at certain times, it just caught my eye that Tarek had a lump on his throat, and I thought it was something that needed to be brought to his attention.” Good thing for Reade’s eagle eye because the lump ends up being Stage-2 thyroid cancer. 

Do you think Sister Wives Robyn Brown is sick? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news. 

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  1. Her neck looks enlarged on the right side….possible thyroid problem. She doesn’t look healthy or energetic. She should see a doctor. If she has any other symptoms, that s a greater reason to he seen….regardless if pregnant or not.

    1. Robyn’s neck has been like that for a long time. I am concerned that she’s suffering from depression and anxiety. She is heartbroken over the devastating train wreck that currently is the Brown family and I don’t think she is handling it well. She’s spoken of her sadness at Kody’s out of control relationships with his wives and older kids. I think Robyn cares deeply about people and worries about everyone. She recently referred to “mourning” the loss of the family dynamic. And I think that, when her mental health takes a battering, she doesn’t eat, sleep or function well and her health suffers.

  2. Not a medical person, but Robyn Brown’s neck has a certain thickness that does not look normal. Plz get it checked out as it could be abnormal. Just a concerned viewer.

  3. Robyn’s, please listen to the people asking you to get your neck checked out. I had thyroid cancer and it’s no joke if your ignore it but you can best it if you act quickly. I can’t imagine your kids without you around. PLEASE HURRY, DON”T HESITATE!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  4. Looks like a possible goiter. My grandmother had one…. her neck was very thick like that. Hypothyroidism will cause if left untreated.

    1. I was thinking goiter as well – my mother had a goiter and had to have surgery. That thickened ring on Robyn’s neck certainly looks like it needs medical attention.

  5. I noticed it awhile back and wondered about it. May not be cancer but hypothyroid can make you feel fatigued gain weight and overall feel bad.

    Hope it all works out

  6. Robyn looks like a very sad & unhappy lady. She seems to be crying every time she’s on camera. There is something definitely wrong with her. She needs a thorough physical examination. She’s my second least favorite wife but I certainly don’t want her to be sick. Robyn, you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your children.

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