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The Duggars May Not Approve Of Jedidiah’s Fiance’s Family – Here’s Why

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Jedidiah Duggar is rumored to be engaged to Katey Nakatsu, but his family has yet to confirm the details. Based on the information that’s come out, it seems unlikely that the rumors are false. Now, fans are eager to learn more about Katey. One detail about her family may not be approved by the Duggars though.

Little is known about Katey yet, but it’s likely Counting On fans will get to know her soon. If the wedding rumors are true, more details will come out soon. We know that she has one younger sister.

You can read a little more about Katey here.

Duggars may dislike this fact about the Nakatsus

According to FandomKatey’s parents are divorced. Now, her father, Kory Nakatsu, has remarried a woman named Kerry. While divorce isn’t uncommon, it’s a big deal in the Duggar family.

The Duggar family follows the teaching of the IBLP, which stands for Institute of Basic Life Principles. Divorce is frowned upon. While the Nakatsus share some of the same beliefs now, they haven’t always done so. When Katey was young, the family was Christian, but they didn’t adhere to the strict guidelines of the IBLP. Growing up, Katey went to public school for a little while. Then, in 8th grade, she was homeschooled.

In 2005, Kory split from his wife, Kim, who’s Katey’s biological mother. He got remarried in 2009.

On the Duggars Snark subreddit, critics of the family are discussing this information. They are surprised to find out that Katey’s parents are divorced. One user writes, “It probably isn’t frowned upon for the same reason they all still associate with Josh – they are redeemed in their love for Jesus.” Another states that the divorce occurred prior to Katey’s family becoming a part of the IBLP.

Kory Nakatsu, Katey Nakatsu (Nakatsu Family Blog)
Kory Nakatsu, Katey Nakatsu (Nakatsu Family Blog)

Is anyone in the Counting On family divorced?

There are a couple of people close to the Duggars who have been divorced. Jim Bob’s sister, Deanna Duggar, split from her husband in 2015. Her ex-husband, Terry Jordan, listed the reason for divorce as “intolerable treatment.” Austin Forsyth’s dad is also divorced. Austin is married to Joy-Anna Duggar.

So, do you think Jim Bob and Michelle care about Katey’s parents being divorced, or do you think the Duggars are over it? Let us know in the comments below.

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